The Guru On A Pedestal Syndrome

In a group attached to a course I’m taking, someone mentioned that they had put the teacher on a pedestal. Here’s my take on the guru/pedestal syndrome and why it can get you into trouble.

Take caution in putting anyone on a pedestal because we are all human and fail – constantly – and that’s how we grow and learn. The guru pedestal mentality can turn you into a “sheeple” – a dangerous manipulative place to be because you allow the guru to control you instead of you honoring and listening to your intuition. You lose your voice and you allow the guru to own your mind heart and soul thus you lose yourself.

There’s a difference between putting someone on an untouchable pedestal and instead, respecting and honoring their knowledge and wisdom and allowing it to influence one’s life. True teachers understand that they are fellow human travelers who teach those who cross their paths with their own knowledge and wisdom gained from their own education, failings and experiences. Followers can choose to add this wisdom to the filing cabinet in the heart and mind to use when needed – or not. And true teachers know that their wisdom is not for everyone but they can plant a seed that grows large in time or withers away and dies. It’s ultimately the choice of every person what to do with the shared wisdom. 

We are all on a Divine journey constantly learning about ourselves as we influence others along the way. 

Terry Wildemann

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