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Guiding business owners and professionals to success by unlocking their inner power and integrating it with logic and mindset.

Improve your wealth, health and relationships with the the gift of an Inward Journey VIP Day or Destination Weekend

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What do online and in-person 

Inward Journey VIP Days Include?

Work/Life Harmony

Focus on increasing resilience and the steps needed to overcome and deal with challenges to achieve goals and dreams. Learn the power of the Inward Journey to reduce stress, increase resilience, focus, and clarity to attain work/life harmony.



Your mindset is often ruled by subconscious hidden emotions. Discover what is holding you back, and release the hidden blocks that are sabotaging your success. Learn to shift your mindset and perception to improve your life, business and relationships.


Magnetic Business Attraction

Integrate the heart, mindset and energy to attract more of what you want in business and life. Understand the dynamics of health and wealth creation using magnetic tools that make a difference!

Feel the

Decision Making

Imagine making decisions easily with clarity and focus! Learn how to use cutting edge tools during your Inward Journey V.I.P. Day to help you tap into and trust your intuition.  Integrate it with logic and practical systems and your decision-making gains a 360 degree perspective that creates results with calm, ease and flow.



Whether it’s sales, marketing,  or leadership, understanding what to say, how to say it, and when to say influences your teams, employees, co-workers and your personal relationships. It’s all about positive communications.

Listen to

Actions Plans

Leave your Inward Journey VIP Experience with your own Action Plan that offers  business, relationship and workplace strategies. Create your roadmap to attract opportunities to help you grow your business and achieve personal success. Leave feeling in control and focused.

Clarity to

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Inward Journey VIP Strategy Day

Give yourself the gift of spending the day with Terry via ZOOM! Save travel time, lodging, and meals. Focus directly on making the shifts you desire in your business and life.

  • One full day of coaching
  • Strategy roadmap
  • EQ and DISC Profile
  • Journal
  • Workbook
  • Two follow-up sessions


Inward Journey VIP Strategy Weekend

Give yourself the gift of a two day via ZOOM! weekend of one-to-one business acceleration coaching that focuses on your wealth and health! Save on travel, meals, and lodging.

  • Two full days of coaching.
  • Strategy roadmap
  • EQ and DISC Profile
  • Journal
  • Workbook
  • Four follow-up sessions


In-Person Inward Journey VIP Strategy DAY

Give yourself the gift of a one-to-one VIP Day in Newport, RI, Miami, FL, San Diego, CA, Palo Alto, CA, Philadelphia, PA

  • One full day of coaching
  • Strategy roadmap
  • EQ and DISC Profile
  • Journal
  • Workbook
  • Two follow-up session
  • Three meals and snacks 


In-Person Inward Journey VIP Strategy WEEKEND

Give yourself the gift of a one-to-one VIP weekend in Newport, RI, Miami, FL, San Diego, CA, Palo Alto, CA, Philadelphia, PA
  • Two full days of wealth and life coaching
  • Business strategy plan
  • EQ and DISC Profile
  • Journal
  • Workbook
  • Four follow-up sessions
  • Six meals and snacks

Read what business owners say about working with Terry!

After spending a VIP destination weekend with Terry, this is the only word that truly fits the experience of working with this amazing woman. 

Yes, Terry asked some hard questions, and pushed me to find the answers. With her coaching and energy healing, I am more in tune with my intuition and my purpose than ever before. 

“There are angels on earth and Terry is one of them!
Thank you Terry!”


Sarah Ross

Award Winning International Speaker Compliance & Ethics Specialist CEO Empowering Compliance

I am seeing so many things in a new light. The depth and breadth of leadership, business, healing and coaching experience she brings is truly astounding and her willingness to incorporate her intuition enhances her effectiveness as a coach that much more.
Thank you, Terry!

1846897_1535238634593Deanna_Bugart (1)

Deanna Bugart

Professional Speaker, Trainer Award-Winning Indigeneer and Mentor (Indigenous Engineer)

Annie Pool

Breakthrough Coach Author

Terry always exceeds my highest expectations. She has the ability to quickly dial in and discover what’s been holding me back. Then, in a matter of minutes, she pinpoints the problem and offers a powerful solution. I have clarity and vision to easily move forward and
I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Val Gallagher

Keynote Speaker Results-Driven Sales Expert Human Potential & Performance Expert

Terry is not your typical business coach and I hesitate to use the term coach because she is so much more! She is an intuitive leader who knows how to help individuals clear out their personal mind junk because it holds us back in our professional life.
In spending one VIP weekend with Terry, I was able to launch my website, create the name of my signature talk and program and remove blocks around money and success and physically feel a whole lot better!




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