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Founder of Intuitive Leadership® U

Terry Wildemann

Your audience of entrepreneurial leaders will take home clear steps to any or all of the following based on your choice of topic:

  • Attract more ideal clients
  • Make even more money
  • Quickly reduce stress and feel their best
  • Elevate their personal leadership and inner business game
  • Effectively lead themselves and others with positivity
  • Make good decisions with ease and precision. 
  • Listen from a place of neutrality to hear and understand
  • Communicate clearly to be heard and understood

As a seasoned event planner herself, Terry knows what is involved in producing a spectacular event.  The stress of identifying the ideal date, finding just the right venue, creating the invites, and writing copy are just a few of the bazillion details she’s has done herself. It’s intense! Terry also gets it that just the right speaker can make the event. She will do all possible to make your life easy by uplifting and energizing your audience. 

Terry Connects With Your Audience.

Terry enjoys interacting and engaging the audience before, during and after the event to set the energy.

  • BEFORE: Pre- presentation, Terry mingles and networks with your audience members interacting and asking questions to personalize her talk. 
  • DURING:  Terry’s presentation soften includes insights gained from those connections. 
  • AFTER:  Terry continues interacting with your audience, sign books, pose for pictures, engage with VIPS at exclusive meals or meetings.

Terry will create a custom pre-launch video to help

engage, enroll and increase registration.

To help you attract interest in your event, Terry will create customized on-topic video that speaks directly to your audience. Working with your event planning team, Terry will discuss and help choose the kind of video that will make the most impact. Once the video is created you will receive the code or links to embed the video in your email, webpages and newsletters or to upload to your YouTube Channel. In addition, Terry can offer articles and blog posts written specifically for your event. 

What kind of speaking events fit Terry's talents and expertise?

  • Colleges 
  • Universities 
  • Chambers 
  • For-profit businesses
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Industry organizations (HR, NAWBO, etc.)
  • Keynotes
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Expos
  • Meetings – sales,
  • Marketing, leadership
  • Openings and Closings
  • in-Person and Virtual

    About Terry Wildemann, CEC, CPCC

    A certified executive and co-active coach, speaker, trainer, author and holistic practitioner, Terry excels at training, coaching and developing professionals and entrepreneurs into positively unstoppable, prosperous, intuitive entrepreneurial leaders. They evolve into puzzle-solving ninjas who discover creative solutions by integrating the practical, tactical, logical, physical, energetic, spiritual, intuitive and emotional sides of themselves. 

    An entrepreneur at heart, Terry experienced multiple burnouts due to her workaholic and perfectionist nature. It was clear things needed to be done differently to regain her health. This “Leader’s Inward Journey” propelled her to earn certifications in various areas that include stress resilience, positive communications and more.

    Terry’s 40 years of business and leadership experience includes owning a manufacturing company, an image consulting company, and a leadership and holistic education center.

    Terry has presented at the following universities and colleges (Brown University, University of MA Dartmouth, University of Rhode Island, Roger Williams University, Community College of Rhode Island, Bristol Community College). She has also presented nationally and internationally and worked with entrepreneurs, business organizations,  banks, government agencies, chambers of commerce, and the US military.

    Terry’s background also includes a career in law enforcement and is a military spouse and military mom.

    Clients have included the military, financial institutions, chambers of commerce, colleges and universities, small businesses and entrepreneurs


    • “Unlock The Power Of You” – co-author
    • “Success in High Heels” – international bestseller co-author
    • “Hot Mama in High Heels” – international bestseller co-author
    • “Bold is Beautiful” – international bestseller co-author
    • “The Missing Piece In Business” – international bestseller co-author
    • “The Innovators” – international bestseller co-author


    • “1-800- Courtesy; Connecting With a Winning Telephone Image” –  1998 (Aegis Publishing)
    • “The Enchanted Boardroom; Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader” – 2016  (PuMotivational Press)


    • Certified Co-Active Coach
    • Certified Executive Coach
    • Licensed HeartMath® Provider
    • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
    • Certified Law of Attraction Trainer
    • Certified NLP Practitioner
    • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
    • Certified Body Code Practitioner
    • EFT/Tapping coach – 3rd level
    • Reiki Master
    • B.S. Criminal Justice – West Chester State University


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    Traditional time management programs are often very linear. They put everyone into the same box and it just doesn’t work!

    In this presentation, Terry offers thought provoking insights and tools that will shift perspectives on time management and work/life balance. The results are eye opening “aha’s” that lead toward changing behaviors that improve workplace performance. Terry shares the answers to the following questions;

    • Does work/life balance really exist?
    • How do Time Robbing words, thoughts and behavior affect your life?
    • We all have the same 24 hours. Why do some folks seem to have all the time in the world?
    • Do you feel like you go, go, go and get little done?
    • How to shift from Time Robbing anger and frustration into calm and ease.
    • How we create our own overwhelm and exhaustion and what to do about it?
    • What steps to take to manage time and improve productivity on YOUR TERMS, YOUR WAY.
    • How to work with the Magnetic Business Attraction Action Plan for time management and focus.


    Imagine being so clear and focused on your goals that everything you need to achieve them comes easily.

    In this presentation Terry shares the step by step processes that create unparalleled results by integrating practical systems with a positive mindset, attitude, intuition, great communications and  practical law of attraction. 

    This electric combination infiltrates all areas of business and life leading you to the success you seek.



    Imagine……. everytime you speak you are heard and understood. The results? The people you interact with, whether in the workplace or at home, take action and create positive results because they understand your expectations and exactly what you are asking of them. Imagine…..

    • Communicating in a way that you are listened to, heard and understood when selling, providing customer service or leading.
    • Easily managing and positively working with the folks around you.
      Attracting what you want and less of what you don’t want
    • Influencing others to take inspired action by shifting commonly used phrases from negative to positive.
    • Using 3 simple words that WILL improve your writing and speaking so that you connect with clarity.
    • Creating a thriving workplace culture by focusing on this one very important thing most companies ignore.
    • Networking in a way that makes a difference


    Have you ever had an intuitive hit and ignored it? Most of us have and lived to regret it. Release the fear of change, listen deeply to your intuition, and identify the activities and action steps to achieve professional and personal goals. 

    • Learn  to transform your insights and goals into action steps  to manifest success in your business and career.
    • Understand how your fear can get in the way of taking beneficial action 
    • Learn tools to dissolve self-sabotaging blocks.
    • Learn to  trust and believe your Wise Inner Guidance System and listen to the insights and answers that come.
    • Learn a powerful exercise to reduce stress and allow intuition to easily evolve 
    • Allow your intuition to guide decision making.


    In this introductory leadership program discover how the intuitive leaders’ inward journey results in manifesting a thriving values based workplace culture that serves managers, employees and clients alike. Look at the common traits of successful leaders and you find confidence, an understanding of themselves, deep intuition, and an ability to connect and motivate others – positively or negatively.

    In the workplace, practical systems are necessary to serve the client and for profit and gain. However, a lack of understanding of oneself, and how to motivate those who implement those systems, can contribute to workplace chaos. This is where the inward journey begins.

    • Key One: A simple formula to create positive results.
    • Key Two: How to shift chaos and overwhelm.
    • Key Three: 3 words to avoid when communicating that make a difference.


    Are you on the hamster wheel of life? Does your busy life attract more and more stuff everyday and you run faster and faster to keep up causing you to miss out on the joy of life.

    Step off that wheel and take your life back from the brink of burnout – for yourself, your kids, family, friends, and co-workers. Why? Because if you don’t care for yourself who will? The important folks in your life want you there and too much stress can take you away mentally, physically and emotionally from them and yourself.

    In 2000 Terry made a life saving decision; She had to learn how to control the stress in her life because it was slowly killing her body, mind and spirit. Soon after the right tools, programs, certifications entered her life. 

    This dynamic program opens your eyes to:

    • The work/life balance myth
    • What actually creates stress
    • The magic of letting go without fear
    • The “I need to do it all” syndrome
    • The three little words that can change how you speak.
    • and more