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CONSULTING: When working with Terry you can feel her energy and compassion from the moment she enters the room. Terry is always true and straight forward to those she is coaching, training or just being a friend to. I have first had experience to her ability to not only relax but take the fears away by recently displaced employees. I would highly recommend Terry for any type of training, coaching or if you just need to look in a new direction, she has the ability to get you there.​
Lisa (Gofton) Widmann
Office Manager, Bookkeeper , Client Services , Accounts Payable/Receivable, Customer Service, Financial Statements
CONSULTING: OI Partners - Lifocus has had the pleasure of working with Terry on several projects that involved coaching, training and job development workshops. She brings a high level of experience, motivation, professionalism and confidence to whatever project she's involved with. Terry's style exudes passion for her trade. I recommend Terry highly and we will certainly collaborate with Terry on future projects.
Thomas Wharton, CMF
Top-Rated Certified Career Coach, Corporate Outplacement, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching
SPEAKING: I have had the good fortune to attend two of Terry's presentations in the past. Her positive energy is infectious! I came away from both presentations with new skills that have impacted my life and work in very positive ways. What she teaches is powerful stuff that I use daily to effect improved productivity in my work and improve my overall well being. When I needed to find a speaker for my own staff Terry immediately came to mind. Her presentations are interactive, interesting and she provides practical tools that are effective long after the presentation is over. My staff came away from the presentation feeling energized and confident that they had learned some concrete information they could apply to improve their work and personal lives.
Melanie McGinn
RN, MBA, CHPN Hospice Director at SVNA
COMMUNICATIONS: Most of us, for most of our careers, have been taught to be very clear about what we want to say and how we want to explain our subject matter to our audiences-either in formal settings or casual conversations. But clarity alone doesn't guarantee that our audience truly understands what we're trying to say. It's tough, but true, the people you're trying to communicate with, sell to, or convince don't really care about you, nor about what you're offering them ... until they understand exactly how it'll benefit them. And the corollary is, If you help enough people get what they want, you can have anything you want. It's not a complex concept, yet its simplicity is deceiving. For whatever reason, people often tend to be complacent, thinking about things as they always have. When we shift our perspective from ourselves to others, the world looks different. Terry gets this. Whether talking with one person or 100 she offers a simple profound process that leads to rapport and connecting with ones listeners-every time. In todays competitive world it is not enough to offer superior service. You need superior communications to get your message out. Terry helps you and your organization do just that.
David MacDonald
Financial Advisor
SPEAKING: When I first met Terry, I felt her enthusiasm right away. I attended a Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Luncheon, and she was an amazing speaker! Her experience paired up with her passion for what she does, is the perfect combination for a speaker and coach. I learned so much from her in that one day, including how to stay positive in the midst of chaos. Instead of saying, ‘I am going to be late,’ I now find myself saying, ‘I will be on time.’ I feel that I can rely on Terry as a mentor because I know she provides honest guidance and speaks the truth. I would recommend her to any contact!
Amanda Jean (daCunha) Gibson
Upcycler, Crafter, Connector, Event Planner, Gardener, Volunteer, Daughter, Friend, Wife
SPEAKING: That Terry Wildemann is a leader is apparent from her strong, magnetic presence. She owns the room. Calm and poised, she captivates her audience with a clear, easy to follow style, peppered with stories of her years as a navy wife, trainer, and businesswoman. She’s engaging, informative, and a fascinating blend of intuitive wisdom and tactical skills. If you are looking for a keynoter speaker who is uplifting, authentic, and engaging, Terry Wildemann is your perfect choice.:
MarBeth Dunn
Mindset, Success and Energy Management Specialist, Miracles Mentor, Speaker
VIP COACHING WEEKEND: She is not your typical business coach and I hesitate to use the term coach because she is so much more. She is an intuitive leader who knows how to help individuals clear out their personal mind junk because it holds us back in our professional life. In spending one VIP weekend with Terry, I was able to launch my website, create the name of my signature talk and program and remove blocks around money and success. I must say, I'm not your typical client because I had already built a 6 and 7 figure business and sold it. I knew success and I tasted it. I somehow found myself stuck in some muck which Terry helped me get out of and fast. If you're like me, you know time and energy are money so moving at a fast pace can be necessary. Terry focuses on the tactical, practical and logical while balancing the skills some people would consider "soft" yet contribute to a good portion of our ability to achieve the results we desire. If you're in the business for a coach/mentor/strategist who can get you moving forward in your business and life because they intersect, you must speak with Terry. I cannot say enough kind words about this woman and the role she's played in my life. Thank you Terry, you are a blessing!
Val (Neighbors) Gallagher, SSCS
Keynote Speaker | Real Estate Professional | Sales Geek | Senior Citizen & Veterans Advocate
COACHING: In just a few minutes of talking with Terry Wildemann, she was able to accurately focus on a hidden long standing issue that I was blindsided by.Terry was able to remove that energetic block from me quickly and easily. I could feel the shift. She has shown that her abilities are to be able to help entrepreneurs to identify their blocks and release them. I left feeling revived and excited. She will empower you to create the ultimate wealth in your life and in your business. I highly recommend Terry for your entrepreneurial needs."
Luci McMonagle
Spiritual Business Leader & Mystic at Luci McMonagle
COACHING: I have been struggling with some final key points in sharing my powerful message with the world. I had a short call with Terry and WOW! She hit the nail on the head. I now have such clarity, and some new names and steps for my products and processes. She truly is an amazing, insightful, coach/mentor/guide. Thank you Terry. I feel complete now.
Serenity Raven-Wolf
1st degree connection1st Chief Love Officer of the Lead With Love Movement @ SerenityRavenWolf.com
INTERVIEW: I had the opportunity to chat with Terry on my podcast for entrepreneurs and she was a delight to get to know. Terry really is an incredible individual with a motivating story. Terry offered her advice to give support to people around her to grow and realise success. It turned out to be a terrific show and she was just a really good guest! Remarkable, I benefited from a number of insights. Definitely worth getting to know and working with!
Neil Ball
The Entrepreneur Way - Podcast for Business Owners / Entrepreneurs / Wantrepreneurs
COACHING: Terry Wildemann always exceeds my highest expectations. She has the ability to quickly dial in and discover what's been holding me back. Then in a matter of minutes, she pinpoints the problem and offers a powerful solution. I have clarity and vision to easily move forward and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
Annie Pool
Heal Your Life After Cancer - Take Back Your Body, Your Bank Account and Your Love Life
CONSULTING: Terry loves people and loves to see people succeed. She is passionate and energetic and puts 200% into her teaching, coaching, and caring for her clients and friends. Terry is an expert networker and is engaged with numerous groups, associations, and communities. She will expand your universe and help you better understand all of the gifts and talents you have. Best of all, she will show you how to reach your potential. If you are looking for a better and more fulfilling life, call on Terry and begin!
Kenneth Proudfoot
Writer/Publisher/Producer at Shoreline Press (RI)
COACHING: Terry coached me through an important developmental stage in my conculting and coaching career with great focus, compassion, challenge, and understanding. She has a great track record empowering individuals to achieve higher levels of performance in their jobs and lives. And, she is a joy to work with.
George Rounds
Leadership, Life, Team Coach
COACHING: Professional, intuitive, and dynamic describe Terry's style. Terry is gifted at muscle testing and works you through a specific process to release hidden trapped emotions, which may manifest as body aches and pains. After going through her process, I felt a release of nagging aches and a state of mental and physical calm.
Lisa Mininni
Best-Selling Author | President, Excellerate Associates | Founder, Business Innovation Lab | Speaker: Human Wiring
CONSULTING: Terry works with clients to help them realize their potential, increase communication and problem solving in very real, hands on venues. She is highly professional with a warmth and understanding that is a tremendous value when working w/people outside the company. Her honesty and integrity is unquestionable and I enjoy working w/her every time. She's a lot of fun! Very energetic and motivating.
Stacey Carter
Strategic Planning, Program Development, Salve Regina University
COACHING: Terry is a phenomenal coach and that is probably an understatement. She is uniquely skilled in getting to the heart of your professional or personal issues, in many cases revealing that the true issue is not what you originally thought. Not only does she help you identify your true issues, she can break through them using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) so quickly and effectively you won’t hardly know what happened. You won’t be disappointed. WARNING: Only go to Terry if you are ready to take your Business or yourself to the next level.
Pat (Patricia Vieira) Cerchio
Speaker / Life Transition & Well-being Facilitator / Coach / Naval Officer, (Retired)
TRAINING: During her training for a year program at the Girls Scouts of RI, her training and dedication to empower the women in the program was outstanding. Her support made all the difference.
Margarita Robledo Guedes
Outcome Broker, GHHI Providence at National Green & Healthy Homes Initiative
CONSULTING: Terry's enthusiasm was evident the moment I connected with her. She gave me excellent advice regarding a collaborative project I was considering but also offered valuable insight into what I'd been struggling with professionally. Terry is a quick study and her laser-sharp observations were tremendously helpful. Highly recommend!
Abby Rodman
Psychotherapist/Bestselling Author/Public Speaker
COACHING: I've known Terry for quite some time now and just recently had the opportunity to have some one-on-one coaching from her. Our session was spot on, she really helped me gain more clarity and focus on some very specific items that were troubling me. Her guidance will definitely help me take my business to the next level! Terry has a very unique skillset which allows her to merge the practical & spiritual -she meets her clients at the level they are at, and guides them to the level they want to be. I highly recommend Terry as a coach, speaker, mentor.
Tracy Spates
IT Professional : Helping companies translate technology into results
COACHING: What a wonderful experience working with Terry! Our session was amazing with all the details she was channeling. When we were done I felt lighter and more empowered to move forward in a bigger way! Thank you Terry for you and your gift today.
Sheila Unique
CEO and Founder of The Unique Approach
COACHING: Terry is a superb coach and facilitator. Within a very short time she had pinpointed exactly what I needed and had practical solutions at hand. As a result, my work has become much more focussed and efficient. She is clear thinking, is an expert in her field, and shares her knowledge with understanding and kindness.
Meribeth Dayme
From Concept to Delivery: Exclusive Presentation training for Executives. Trainer. Voice and Presence. Online Courses
VIP WEEKEND COACHING: There are angels on earth and Terry is one of them! I feel like a new woman, excited about my future and looking forward to following my intuition and leading with my heart on the journey ahead, wherever it takes me. Thank you Terry!
Sarah Ross
1st degree connection1st Award Winning International Speaker, Compliance & Ethics Specialist, CEO Empowering Compliance Oxford, United Kingdom
COACHING: I first met Terry while discussing how to quiet the noise in your head while golfing for business. I loved her advice to golfers and what she called "getting into your bubble." It made me think of how I had been recently distracted by challenging emotions associated with life (and was unable to always stay in MY bubble!) I knew to eliminate them meant to see my vision for my fast growing company more clearly. Eliminating distraction was paramount at this point of our growth. Terry's work helped me clear those emotions and release the much-needed energy they were sucking from me. Thank you, Terry! Job well done! 🙂
Colleen Ferrary
Passionate Team Expert & Catalyst for Growth, Productivity, and Development
SPEAKING: I was fortunate enough to meet Terry at a NAWBO event. She was a keynote speaker. Her presentation was great and refreshing. She was inspiring and set the tone for the whole day. She has a great powerful, positive, realist vibe and she was different then other speakers I've listened to in the past; very unique! Her message was clear and concise and it was extremely refreshing to hear. It was exactly what i needed! I highly recommend her!
Cindy Wilkosz
Agency Operations Manager at Futurity First Insurance Group
SPEAKING: All I can say is I wish Terry could sit by me all day and "work her magic". I have always felt confident and sure-footed, successful and accomplished. After spending a full day in her workshop of peeling back the layers and reaching through emotional barriers I revealed to myself how much more I was capable of. Terry helps you De-tox and De-Clutter the barriers that hold the reigns to success. After several hours in the ring, I felt like a training horse that had her ankle weights removed. I was a long -shot but ready for the race! The prize is a better organized and goal oriented person! From the moment you meet her, Terry offers that crisp exuberant attitude that whispers loudly " today you will be empowered". Within the first 5 minutes of her self introduction she was sitting down and reeled back with enthusiasm and clicked her heels in mid air! The image of a Leprechaun comes to mind! I decided her class was a box of "Lucky Charms". Sweetness in every bite! But Instead of "hearts, moon, stars and clovers" you receive a spoonfuls of "practical, tactical, emotional and spiritual" nourishment! Her warmth and guidance is abundant. People gravitate to her. Terry shares a wealth of knowledge, experience from the field, and amazing life stories to enrich you. Her exercises for goal setting force you to think broadly and end very specific! She possesses a unique remedy for physical and emotional distress and shares the process known as EFT. It works. I witnessed a fellow participant go from physically ill and anxious to a settling calm. By the time the skill building workshop ends, you have a tangible recipe for success! I have a renewed can-do attitude deep inside. It's not a boisterous "cheerleader" but a quiet voice directing me forward, propelling me to my goal and settling for nothing but my best effort. I truly believe I have gained an awareness of myself, for myself!
Jeanne Sullivan Evans
Communications, technology and people are my passion!
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