SHIFTology The Art and Science of

Intentional and Graceful Change

For Positively Unstoppable Intuitive Entrepreneurs

We offer you three opportunities to

SHIFT in Business and Life

We help you

Jump the hurdles with grace and ease

Personal and Professional Development Program for Entrepreneurs

A high level support

Group program for Entrepreneurs

3 days of business insights

powered by intuitive wisdom

For Positively Unstoppable Intuitive Entrepreneurs

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About Terry Wildemann Shiftologist

Terry Wildemann, Chief Shiftologist at Intuitive Leadership University

Terry Wildemann has been teaching and coaching SHIFTology to entrepreneurial leaders and professionals for 3 decades. A military spouse and mom, and entrepreneur since her teens, Terry experienced poor health and multiple burnouts. This lead her to study, and get certified in, various resilience and healing modalities that she integrates in her practical coaching and training for her clients and students.

Pivoting and shifting perspective, attitudes and mindset, when jumping challenging hurdles, are keys to running a successful business. 

Our masterminds, courses, VIP coaching, group coaching, events and more, help you shift and change magnificently with elegance and grace.


We chose the sunflower as the symbol for Shiftology because it’s meaning closely aligns with our vision and mission. It continuously seeks the light by pivoting towards the sun. Both ancient and modern people associate the Sunflower with warmth, positivity, power, strength, and happiness. These are just a few of the positive qualities associated with the entrepreneurial leaders on the journey of the Positively Unstoppable Intuitive Leader,  Practical Business Mystic and Shiftologist