Education Background

  • Certified Co-Active Coach
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • Licensed HeartMath® Provider
  • Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
  • Certified Law of Attraction Trainer
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
  • Certified Body Code Practitioner
  • EFT/Tapping Coach – 3rd level
  • Reiki Master®
  • BS Degree in Criminal Justice – West Chester University

Business Experience Terry has founded and directed the following companies

  • SMILE Initiative Hub -2022 to present
  • Intuitive Leadership® – 2011 to present
  • Winds of Change: Holistic Education and Leadership Center – 2001-2009
  • Image Plus Associates – 1987-2005
  • Anaco, Inc. – 1981-1985 (small manufacturing company)

With a wealth of business experience spanning over 40 years, Terry is your guide to reignite your inner leadership and entrepreneurial spark. As the passionate force behind the S.M.I.L.E. Initiative Hub, she offers a unique blend of Intuitive Leadership® coaching and well-being strategies, transformation-focused SHIFTology® courses, and Smile Initiative Events.

Terry’s enthusiasm lies in helping others to unlock their inner power. Her clients learn to operate from the inside out resulting in better communications, easier decision-making, enhanced trust and listening to their intuitive wisdom, shifting their mindsets and attitudes, improve their physical well-being and  harmonize their minds, bodies and hearts to enhance their personal and professional lives.

Certified in a variety of well-being areas including Co-Active and Executive Coaching, HeartMath®, NLP, Emotion Code, Body Code, and Reiki Master, Terry’s real skill is in personalizing her client’s inward journey. Her intuitive abilities allow her to navigate each individual’s path towards positive personal growth and transformation.

From inspiring people in the USA to sparking ideas in the UK, Terry’s energy, expertise, and hands-on experience make her a real asset to your business. Trust Terry to inspire meaningful personal and professional change.

Terry and her husband, Walt Wildemann, USN CDR Retired, Dean Emeritus US Naval War College, reside in Newport, RI and are a proud US Navy family.
Her family includes 3 great kids, Briana and her husband George, Celina  and Jonathan and Briana’s turtle – LT.


Terry’s Solo Books

  • 1-800- Courtesy; Connecting With a Winning Telephone Image” –  1998 (Aegis Publishing)
  • The Enchanted Boardroom; Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader” – 2016  (Motivational Press)

    Coming FALL 2024
    Unlock the Power In You – SMILE Initiative Press  

Terry’s Co-Authored Books

  • “Unlock The Power Of You: 12 Keys to Health, Happiness and Success. – Publisher Susan Friedman
  • “The Innovators” – published by Motivational Press
    Pete Winiarski (Author), Terri Levine (Author) international bestseller.

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