A SHIFTology® Program


The Power In You!

A small group Success Retreat Powered by SHIFTology®


The Unlock the Power In You small group retreat is for spiritual entrepreneurial leaders, experienced coaches and healers. They choose to continuously improve themselves to achieve more alignment and success for themselves and their clients.

Led by Terry Wildemann, this retreat blends Terry’s decades of real-world business, leadership, coaching, training and healing, mediumship and channeling experience.  

So, what’s in store for you?

  • Unveil Your Inner Power: This retreat is all about unlocking your potential and inner power. You’ve got a lot beneath the surface that is waiting for you to discover and own.
  • Spiritual Alignment: Understand your business’s higher purpose. Dive deeper into your passion, values, and let them guide your business journey.
  • Mindset Mastery: Release those whispers of self-doubt and outdated beliefs that impede your  success.
  • Stress Resilience: Learn SHIFTology® tools to navigate around and through stress. Equip yourself with strategies to create a harmony in your life and work.
  • Spot Light Coaching: Our Spotlight Coaching is a shining beacon for high-achievers to chip away at those blocks in your path to success. 

From struggling under the weight of your business to stepping forward with newfound strength and knowledge – that’s the transformation you can expect.  Are you ready to unlock your potential?

Small group setting – 8-10 participants

Sound familiar?

  • Are you an out-of-focus business owner who is doing too much? 
  • Is decision-making a struggle?
  • Does imposter syndrome hamper your success?
  • Do you ignore your intuition and regret it?
  • Are you happy with your personal and business relationships?
  • Does your body constantly ache from doing too much?

Imagine yourself:

  • Working confidently with all your gifts
  • Creating new initiatives, products and services
  • Having confidence in your leadership and relationships
  • Operating your business with calm, ease and flow
  • Feeling great in mind, body and spirit

Clear Success Blocks

Great leaders transform themselves through inner work resulting in empowering boldness, courage, and strength. Powerful inner work unleashes a wellspring of clarity and inspired action that make dreams a reality and transforms business and life. 

This retreat helps you shed emotional baggage that blocks money, health, and positive relationships. The goal is to  increase leadership and entrepreneurial strength, confidence, competence and credibility.

Achieve YOUR potential and better serve YOUR clients by dissolving any doubt, fear, shame, unworthiness, resistance and worry within you. 

Take a look at the list of challenges below  that many entrepreneurs experience. (And there are many more!)


  • Not being taken seriously
  • Overcommitment
  • Not enough clients
  • Feeling of “I don’t know what I’m doing.”
  • Fearful of Change
  • Feeling imperfect and unworthy
  • Constantly stressed and out of control
  • Being Visible 
  • Fear of sales and marketing
  • Feeling inadequate when networking and building connections
  • Scared to listen to my intuition 
  • Fear of not enough money
  • Scared of losing my health

What is included


Law of Attraction



This program includes the following:

  • Mutual Respect and Confidentiality in a Safe Small Group Setting
  • Clearing of Success Sabotaging Emotional Baggage 
  • Connection and Guidance with Terry’s Enchanted Boardroom to Assist in Providing Guided Structure, Direction, Accountability, Inspired Action and Implementation Strategies
  • Follow-up Session One: SHIFTology® Vision and Vibe Follow-up  Session Group. Includes Digital Canva Vision Board
  • Follow-up Session Two: SHIFTology® Accountability Matrix Planning E-Guide
  • Recordings of coaching, training, and meditations
  • Who WILL benefit from

    this destination retreat?

    This program is for you if you are:

    • Ready to invest in yourself and attract wealth, health, and success
    • Open to awakening new possibilities and opportunities
    • Wanting to clear self-sabotaging baggage that hinders your success
    • Looking to deepen your spirituality and raise your vibrations
    • Wanting to improve resilience, leadership, and communication skills
    • Desiring to make a difference locally, nationally, or globally
    • Seeking accountability
    • Ready to harmonize spiritual, personal, and practical aspects of your business

    Who WILL NOT benefit from this retreat?

    This program is not for you are not interested in: 

    • Learning how to work with your intuition 
    • Controling stress to improve your life
    • Healing in mind, body and spirit 
    • Releasing the energy of control, perfectionism and judgement of yourself and others
    • Taking responsibility for yourself instead of  blaming others for your lack of success
    • Embracing change and accountability
    • Shifting your success and money mindset so you can serve your clients with authentic care.

    About Your Facilitator and Coach

    Terry Wildemann guides you towards the success you seek.

    Introducing Terry Wildemann, your intuitive success navigator for this transformative journey. A veteran in personal and professional empowerment, an intuitive healer, and a coaching trailblazer, Terry transforms entrepreneurs. 

    Founder of the S.M.I.L.E. Initiative Hub which includes our flagship brand Intuitive Leadership® and SHIFTology®,    Terry’s mission has always been clear: uplift and support entrepreneurs. Trained in Co-Active, Executive and HeartMath® coaching, she’s also a certified Body Code and Emotion Code practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Licensed Heartmath® Provider and a Reiki Master. Terry’s SHIFTology® toolkit is stacked for your growth –  your transformation.

    Terry’s superpower? Her intuition. As Terry works with her gifts, she empowers you to trust your gut, employ law of attraction principles and more, leading to better decisions, attracting your ideal clients instead of chasing, improved health and harmonious prosperity in business and life..

    An experienced speaker, Terry has left audiences inspired both across the US and the UK. With a genuine passion for helping others, a wealth of experience and a treasure chest of wisdom, Terry is the perfect host for this retreat.

    Join Terry for this retreat created for only 8-10 entrepreneurs. Apply now and prepare for self-discovery.

    • Get ready for growth, for renewed energy.
    • Find your inner wisdom.
    • Balance spirituality and pragmatism.
    • Reinvigorate your life.

    Seize this opportunity to learn from the best. Fire up your inner potential with Terry Wildemann!

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