The Positive Power of The Date 8 – 8

Today is 8-8. According to the Angels, 8 represents prosperity. In the Bible, 8 represents new beginnings. it celebrates success and progress and is a guide to tap into your intuition.

When I see the number 8, I smile, especially when I’m driving and it’s seems that’s it’s on every license plate that crosses my path. It’s a gentle reminder to breathe and shift into my heart and fill myself with love followed by sending it out to the world.

This is what I have come to understand about this powerful number. The top circle of 8 embodies the brain in the head and the bottom circle embodies the brain in the heart. The constant movement between both circles brings the two brains together influencing mind, heart and body that creates a positive coherent energy that can deeply affect our lives and those we interact with.

You see, scientific tools can measure the energy field of the heart at 4-8 feet away (or more) from the body in a 360 degree circumference. The energy field of the head brain is measured at a much shorter distance, just a few inches. Keeping the flow of energy moving between both the head and heart brains allows us to see things from a practical, logical, energetic, emotional and spiritual perspective: a figure 8.

Negative thoughts and emotions keep us out of coherence and in our logical and practical head brains. The heart can be emotionally and spiritually disconnected pushing away what we actually want most in our lives. The flow stops at the top of the figure 8.

Shifting our attention to the heart brain in the center of our chest, breathing deeply in and out of the heart, thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive emotions, engages the head brain creating coherence. The stronger the flow of positive emotion the stronger the connection of the energy of the number 8 as it works with both brains. These brains send messages to the body, work with our hormones by reducing stress induced cortisol and increasing DHEA and we begin to heal.

Today, I invite you to choose to create new beginnings on this powerfully energetic 8-8 day. Please be courageous and shift into your heart, listen to your intuition, engage both brains and send love out to the world. We certainly need it!

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Post by Terry Wildemann
Intuitive Leadership®


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