Crunch, Crunch, Oh Crap!

Today is the day! I delivered 2 back to back “Zap The Stress” workshops for a client – 60 folks per workshop – and knocked it out of the park! Love it when folks tell you they didn’t want to be there (command performance) but they were so glad they were. That’s when you know ya did good.

The day certainly started off with a BANG! On my drive to the venue, my car got hit by a jeep that bounced off a telephone pole into my car after it was hit by an impatient driver. Luckily, the damage to my car was just scraped paint. However, the poor soul in the jeep was overwhelmed and it looked like her car had a broken axel. Thank goodness I was able to help her calm down with exactly what I was teaching in my workshop!

As I was working with Ms Jeep, I heard this horrific crunching sound. I turned around and in the opposite lane a car rear-ended another directly across from us. Traffic was at a standstill in all directions. What fun! After I checked to see if all were OK I just laughed. You can’t make this stuff up!

I eventually got to my event cool, calm and collected and set up easily since I was so prepared. (thank goodness!) The workshop started right on time with an added GREAT story to share about how my tools worked in the moment for myself, Ms. Jeep, and the poor cop who arrived on the scene not knowing where to start.

There is ALWAYS a positive side to everything.

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