The 10x Conference Takeaways

The 10x Growth Conference in Miami, Fl hosted by Grant Cardone is the largest conference I’ve ever been to…. 30k folks. The learning from each speaker was so valuable! I may not have agreed with all they taught but it added to my knowledge base and offered perspective to ponder. The big name speakers were all multi-millionaires and billionaires who shared their story of humble beginnings, knowledge, and their charities.

Billionaire Sara Blakely of Spanx and her hubster, Billionaire Jesse Itzler, were my favorite. Their ease, stories and humility were heartwarming. Sara gives 50% on her income to charity. WOW! Sara shared that someone asked her once if all of that money changes a person. Her belief is that having lots of money just amplifies who one is at heart. If they are egotistical before money, they will be the same afterwards. If they are humble and giving before money, they will be the same afterwards. Great answer! And I’m more in love with her and SPANX!

It was also brilliant to see so many young people dressed up in suits, jackets and dresses. So refreshing!!!! They were hungry for the information being shared, be seen and taken seriously. That alone makes me smile as I know some of them are future business owners who will make a difference in the world around them and become our future millionaires and billionaires.

My bottom line takeaway from this event is one that I’ve know for so long and time to implement, or as Grant says, execute. It takes courage to be visible and it’s necessary to do so in business. Sitting behind the computer will take you only so far. It’s important to network, talk with people and get out there. It’s important to get on stages and share our products, services and messages. It’s important to get clear on our message that influences our signature speech that offers solutions that helps our ideal client. This strategy takes us from one-to-one to one-to-many allowing to make a difference faster by leveraging our time.

It’s time to become even more visible so I can help more business owners cut through and heal their inner crap that gets in their way of success. This allows them to make a bigger difference and make more money with their products and services and serve humanity in a huge way.

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