Eliminating Low Fee Myths by David Newman

My guest writer, professional speaker and mentor, David Newman, shares a dozen low-fee myths that may be holding back your success.

If you want to be a better entrepreneur of your expertise as a speaker, trainer, seminar leader, consultant, coach or facilitator, these were written just for YOU…

Meditate on them.

Post them in your office.

Embrace them and take action on them. 

  1. Low fees attract low fee clients.
  2. Premium fees attract premium clients.
  3. Low fee clients are no easier to get than high-fee clients.
  4. In fact, high-fee clients are often easier to engage, win, and keep than low-fee clients.
  5. When they pay more, they pay more attention.
  6. When they pay more attention, they implement more.
  7. When they implement more, they get better outcomes and results.
  8. When they get better outcomes and results, the genuine value of your services rises to meet (and far exceed) the fees they’ve invested.
  9. There’s always going to be someone better and there’s always going to be someone cheaper. So what?
  10. Premium clients are not only able to pay more. Not only willing to pay more. They are EXPECTING to pay more. Don’t disappoint them.
  11. Your pricing is your positioning. Low fees engender low confidence. High fees engender high confidence.
  12. You need to be “reassuringly expensive.” (Credit; my friend and NSA colleague Bill Bachrach)
David Newman

David Newman runs Do It! Marketing, a 10-person marketing and training firm dedicated to helping experts speak more profitably. David is also the founder of the Speaker Profit Formula mentoring program. Get David’s free on-demand training for speakers here.

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