Angels and Business

It’s been a wild ride these past few weeks as I process the direction I’m being led to go. Many of you are in the same boat. This new unfolding energy is prodding and nudging us towards fulfilling our calling. It’s daunting only if we resist. And honestly, I have been resisting for a long time.

Angels have been with us since the beginning of time and are found in most religions. I have felt them around me since I was a very little girl! They are there as we work, play and love. So, why are we so resistant to talking about them in the workplace, our social circles, and with those we love? Why are we so concerned about what others think when we talk about them? Why are we so scared to call them into our physical boardrooms and our “Enchanted Boardrooms” so they can guide us to our highest and best workplace performance for our good and the good of others? Because it’s considered fluffy, incoherent, not real and inappropriate to bring these folks into the workplace… guess what… it’s time to break down the barriers and call them in because our society needs them!

Angels are no-nonsense spiritual warriors and protectors of love, hope, joy, guidance, care and compassion. When we tune into them and ask for help (big key here is asking) and let go, the army of Angels does it job behind the scenes to protect, guide and nurture us to our highest potential. They work with Law of Attraction in a myriad of ways to give us what we ask for.

When writing the segment about Angels and Business in my book, “The Enchanted Boardroom: Evolve Into And Unstoppable Intuitive Leader,” I was on my knees praying because I was so scared to put my truth in writing. I was scared for my reputation, my business, my family, my publisher and being rejected. It was hard to write those words because I have such a deep practical side equal to my intuitive side. The practical side was winning!

I’m still resistant to this Angelic calling of teaching entrepreneurs, leaders, and small business owners how to work with these amazing Celestial Beings to achieve success and make a difference in our world. It’s so easy to simply use the word “intuition” as it’s safer for business. The fact is that safe isn’t cutting it anymore. Thus, I let go and created the Angels and Business FB page and developing a Youtube Channel called Angels and Business TV with Terry Wildemann. It sort of – just happened!

What I teach under the umbrella of “intuition” is how to listen, call in and work with the messages that come from our Ascended Masters and Guides, intuition and our own hearts. It’s about really listening with an open heart and tapping into ALL of our talents and gifts as we integrate the practical and logical with the intuitive and energetic.

Angels have helped me in my business and life on so many levels! They have saved my life and those of my kids. My health is radically improved because they spoon fed me each healing modality I was meant to study at just the right time to heal my own body and help my business clients. After asking for help – a writing guide – Angel Audra came to me and downloaded the words to the first book I wrote in 1998; “1-800-Courtesy: Connecting With A Winning Telephone Image.” HA! Telephone skills… imagine that!

Angels are with me daily and have helped me in ways I can only begin to describe. I would love to help you tap into them yourself and work with them to help you achieve your highest potential.

It’s time for me to share the who, why and how’s of calling in these Celestial beings to help us in life and business.
More to come……

Terry Wildemann
Speaker, Trainer, Executive Coach

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