Governance vs. Leadership

As you know, I’m all about helping leaders and entrepreneurs dissolve success blocks, reduce stress and heal in mind, body and spirit to achieve heart centered high performance in business and life. It’s my calling and I love seeing others shine brightly with their authenticity, integrity and God given gifts.

Yesterday, my friends Gary, Dorothy and I were sharing thoughts about leadership styles. Dorothy shared a perspective that helped me to understand why I was in conflict with certain leaders during various stages in my past. From a communications angle, I understood why we challenged each other but this one word created a huge “aha” that shook me to my core as I reviewed the interactions with these people. Each one felt threatened and intimidated by my leadership style, big energy, values, and who I am as a leader and person. We were in positions of influence and our styles were so opposite. Enter the word, “governance.”

Leadership vs. governance – a world apart:

To govern, meaning “to exercise continuous sovereign authority over” is a placeholder. It allows the governor, the sole authority, to maintain life as it is – or as he/she sees fit.

To lead: is a call to others through your presence, values, and vision, to become so much more than they are. It compels them to reach beyond where they are to become more, with greater impact, energetic presence, and purpose.
Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD

Thank you, Dorothy A Martin Neville, for making this distinction between the two. There was a healing and deeper understanding of why these people came into my life at each stage to trigger one another and I am grateful for the lessons they taught me. It all became crystal clear – in an instant.

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