Embracing the Unexpected

There’s a saying that the only thing in life that remains constant is change. Therefore, it is always best to embrace change because it is a gift from the universe.  

What does change signify?

It indicates that we need to revisit what is in front of us or go in a different direction. It can also signify progress. When going through a change or transition, it is good to have friends and colleagues you can depend on to keep you grounded and you can talk things through. Ask for help when you need it. It’s a sign of strength.

Be fully present by breathing deeply and giving thanks for where you are in the moment.
Sometimes, the challenges that come, especially when they pile up on you, are lessons we need to learn and listen to. This just happened to me.

This week has been an intense one full of bobbing, weaving and shifting and it has truly tested me. I anticipated it since I’m supporting my elders (96 and 94) and a close relative was having major, major surgery. However, the Universe felt it needed to add on a bit more.

I arrived at the airport on Monday, and my back pack with my computer, handbag with ID, license and credit cards, cash and my jewelry bag, did not make it into the Lyft. I did not realize it until I got to my destination where I was to be interviewed on a radio show. Believe me, those first few moments were intense. The show host was wonderful, understood and he sent me back to the airport.  Lyft made out like a bandit! Unfortunately, the bag was not where it was left. I did my due diligence and contacted the authorities, closed credit cards and wondered how I’m going to get home to Rhode Island next week without ID. I also wondered where this would take me. Emotionally I could go bonkers, get angry (which I gave myself to do for a few minutes) or I could stay curious, like a child and turn it into an adventure.

Trust your intuition!

Tuesday I made more phone calls to find my missing backpack. Everyone was so kind! There was so much hope that it was somewhere in the airport system. Wednesday morning I woke up with this intense crazy feeling that I had to go up there – 45 minutes away – and I did. Again, everyone I met was amazing and kind. I asked to speak with a deputy to file a report and hopefully look at cameras in the area to see who may have picked up the bag. This wonderful man, Deputy H, showed up. We chatted and I explained the scenario for the upteenth time.

Suddenly I got emotional and blurted out that the timing was insane for all of this because my sister was having seriously major kidney surgery the next day to prepare for a transplant in a few weeks. The deputy stopped cold and just stared at me. His mom was having a similar surgery AT THE EXACT MOMENT and he was waiting for his brother to call. AND my sister and his mom live an hour away from each other. We started comparing notes since I grew up not far from where he did. By the time the report was filed and all taken care of, I knew I made a new friend. I also knew HE was the reason I had to go up to the airport to give him support he needed. Both of us going through similar personal events.

What did I learn from this? It validated that I’m quite good at  trusting my intuition and listening. I know my bag will show up. I’m grateful that I can write this on my dad’s computer (geez I miss my Macbook pro) and my sister is doing well after this intense surgery. I’m grateful I can be here for my parents and keep them calm. And I’m grateful that I get to share this story with you. There is always a good side to every challenge. It’s our choice to see it.

PS: will let you know in next weeks blog about the missing backpack and when it comes back home.

Terry Wildemann

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    1. Jakki Gioia

      God speed your belongings back to you and God bless you for being so patient! Hopefully TSA picked it up. I’m happy your sister did well. Hang in there and thanks for sharing this story! Will keep you all in my prayers!

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