To Thine Own Self Be True


It’s 5 a.m. and I’m wide awake laying on my right side. I’m connecting, praying and dialoguing with my “Enchanted Boardroom” – my amazing spiritual board of directors that includes “The Call of the Rose” – a group of 5 magnificent women: Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mother Ana, Quan Yin and Lady Portia. They have all been with me for decades sharing the message of being true to myself. However, I’m human and sometimes need prodding in the the right direction.

Imagine my curiosity when suddenly, my left arm rises off my side and straight up towards the ceiling, strongly and powerfully. I could not put it down. I turn my head towards my arm and out of no where, a sword with its handle down and blade up, appears from above. The bejeweled handle gently glides firmly into my raised left hand.

On the blade it says, “To Thine Own Self Be True.” Thank you, Shakespeare and my Spiritual Guides.

I do my own inner work and mediation daily to cut through and clear my inner self-sabotaging clutter. It’s so necessary to stay grounded and centered while in the midst of chaos.

My work as an Intuitive Success Navigator and healer is about cutting through my client’s inner clutter that holds them back from the success they seek in relationships, health and wealth.

How can I help them if I don’t help myself first?

Today’s powerful message is for all of us: me, you, your kids, spouse, significant others, etc.

Use your spiritual sword to lovingly cut through your own inner clutter, self- judgements, expectations and perfectionism that stops positive downstream flow in its tracks. Be true to yourself and shed what no longer works. Listen to and follow your intuition. It’s a powerful gift.

In turn, and with love, allow others to be themselves. Cut through the need to be accepted, liked and constantly trying to please those you will never please. Cut the cord with worrying about what they think because frankly, it’s none of your business anyway!

I invite you to…
The world needs the REAL you, NOW!

Remember: “To Thine Own Self Be True”

By Terry Wildemann

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