The Act of Service; Making A Difference

When we serve others it can truly feel amazing, if it comes from the heart. It’s also just as important to receive help, care and love when offered. Unfortunately, many of us close ourselves off from allowing others to help us because we fear getting hurt if we open our hearts or feel unworthy of attention and care. We also may want to do things on our own yet, when we study the most successful people in the world, we see that their success comes from having a mentor or allowing another to help them achieve their success.

To connect with another person, and identify how we can serve them, requires us to be fully present in the moment. This process of listening and validating their emotions and thoughts opens the door to trust which leads to connection. Most people want to be heard, listened to and understood.

How can we discover how to serve another? Ask open-ended questions. Using this technique helps us to find similarities between us and another person that creates connection.

Have you ever met someone and felt like you already know the person? The Universe has a funny way of putting the people we are meant to serve in our path. Here’s a recent example of this exact thing.

On Saturdays, my 96-year-old mom gets her hair done. After I dropped her off at the salon there was this urge to go to the bakery around the block for a coffee. There was a lovely woman, standing there and we just hit it off and chatted for about 10 minutes. We both learned a lot about
one another in a short time using the open-ended question technique. Ana told me she had just left the yoga studio across the street and never goes to the bakery for a coffee but felt compelled to that day. After asking about what I do, and after hearing about my work, she suggested I go to the yoga studio and speak with the owner. The location has large rooms and is ideal for workshops as well as being a wonderful yoga studio.

And I crossed the street to the studio to meet the owner, Dona, and sign up for classes. Ana was right, Dona is a delightful woman and we hit it off immediately. After sharing a bit about one another she asked to go to lunch to discuss the possibilities. It was a lovely interaction and it became clear that we could provide mutual services for one another. My coaching, training and holistic modalities could help her, the faculty and students. Dona’s classes and space will be of service to me providing yoga classes and a space to teach. Staying open to the possibilities allowed the Universe to put the right people on my path. All I did was listen to my intuition to go to the bakery, listen to Ana’s suggestion then take action

Some people come into our lives for a short moment while others can stay for a long period of time. When we are consciously and subconsciously in alignment with our thoughts, feelings and energy, doors open to allow us to be of service to those who are currently in our lives and to those we allow to enter our lives if we stay open.

To serve, we must be willing to listen, trust ourselves and truly want to help others. It also requires us to maintain strong boundaries to avoid burnout. This is important for those in the care-giving fields such as nurses, doctors, teachers, and those who are caregivers to family and friends.

The more you serve others with positivity, the more you raise your vibration and influence the vibrations of those you serve. However, there are times we all could use a helping hand so asking for help when needed is important.

Burnout can sneak up on us so listen when others offer help because they may see something in us that we are not aware of. One of the worst burnouts I experienced was when I was in service as a military spouse. My focus was to care for others. My friends kept offering to help with certain things and I kept saying “NO” to them when it would have been best to say “YES” so I could serve the way I really wanted to. They saw me giving and doing way too much and I didn’t listen.

In conclusion, the following questions may illuminate and offer insights about being in service:

What skills do you have that can help others?
How can you apply those skills to help another person?
Do you ask for permission first before jumping in and helping another?
Is the service you are offering delivered with authentic and sincere care?
What can you do to serve yourself first so that you can truly serve others
from a state of grounded care?

To your success,

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  1. Harle Tinney

    The idea of serving others has always been a part of my personna. However, now the “business” I envison needs help. The gold coach is a beautiful creation of the Tinneys, to whom I owe much. My thought is that folks could use it for weddings and at parades to honor folks who deserve to ride in it as royalty for a time!
    Selling it might be the right answer, or advertising the success of the December 7th Children’s parade in Fall River to inspire another young person to be all he/she can be – starting as a young prince or princess!

    PS. The “crunch crunch o crap” happened to me in 2018 exactly as pictured. Fortunately nobody was really hurt, but I think that my disability to use my shoulders and my lack of confidence driving were the negative result! I am back, but still have self-esteem issues. Why?
    Harle Tinney

    1. Terry Wildemann


      Thanks for connecting!

      Below are some ideas for you regarding your beautiful gold coach:
      1.Reach out to hotels, churches, event and bridal planning
      companies to have them rent it.

      2. You could take a table at local bridal expos and promote it there. 

      Hope these ideas work for you.
      As far as the confidence issue and driving is concerned
      I suspect that there could be some trapped emotions 
      involved which could be cleared with an Emotion Code session.
      Those kinds of incidents are insidious at creating emotions
      that are hidden. After my accident it triggered stuff too.

      Let’s have a phone conversation. Go to to discuss the
      coach and how you are feeling.


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