Look up, there’s a way over every obstacle.

I’m a “Heartie,” the nickname for folks obsessed with the Hallmark Channel. Over the last week, I watched a movie called, “True Love Blooms” three times. Why? Because there is so much interaction around themes that are threaded around my message of helping Intuitive Leaders to stay open, awaken the possibilities, release what does not work, surrender and evolve into an unstoppable leader especially when overwhelming challenges invade our lives.

This movie is about a woman who fights to save her community garden from a real estate developer. Of course, as with most Hallmark movies, the two connect in unexpected ways. What started as a contentious relationship, turns into one of love, learning and admiration. (But of course! It’s Hallmark!)

This determined woman fights with her whole heart and soul to save the beautiful gardens where she works. They are her deceased dad’s legacy and very special to her.  However, things dim as a builder purchases the property to build condos causing the gardens to close. She loses hope in saving her life’s work. Pondering advice from her deceased dad, “To always look up, there’s a way over every obstacle” she’s frustrated at the lack of solutions but stays in faith that something positive will come.

Due to her relentless energy and focus to save her blooms, the real estate developer opens his eyes to the similarities between the work done in a community garden and growing a business. However, it was too late to save the gardens because it cost too much money to shift gears on the project. What could be done? It seemed like solutions were nowhere to be found!

Desperate to fulfill his promise of finding a way to make all happy, and while standing on the roof of his office building, Mr. Developer kept repeating those words… “Look up, there’s a way over every obstacle.” In my words, let go to Awaken the Possibilities.

While “looking up,” Mr. Developer received an intuitive hit that changed his business model and saved the community garden – every plot and plant were moved to create a rooftop paradise. And true to Hallmark form, the garden and relationship are saved. Yeah!!

What’s the lesson? There are always solutions… it’s important to stay open to the possibilities and clear our inner clutter that gets in the way of seeing, hearing and listening to the intuitive proddings that emerge when we ask and let go.

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