Clarity in Business and Life

Having clear business goals and objectives is paramount to success. Staying on track with those objectives requires being clear about each step and reviewing if changes need to be made based on past and current results. It’s about being open to what is working and what needs to be revised. It’s similar to driving a car. There is constant readjustment of the wheel to stay in the lane. Constant readjustment and fine tuning of goals, objectives and the systems help you get to your destination.

How does one achieve clarity? 

  1. GOALS: Set clear goals then divide them into small tasks. Goals are a reflection of the end results which you want to achieve for yourself, your business or organization.
  2. QUESTIONS: Ask the open ended questions. Keep asking more questions and always be in detective mode asking, seeking, finding and listening for answers.

    Examples are: 
    1. Who am I?
    2. What do I love to do?
    3. What can I delegate? 
    4. What does my business need from me? 
    5. How can I help my employees to be more productive? 
    6. What do my clients need from me and how can I serve them better?
  3. SHIFT: Take time off during the day to tune into and listen to your inner guidance system – your internal GPS. I suggest doing a Quick Shift, a simple 4 step 60 second breather that grounds and rebalances your system. This will enable your body and mind to unwind and may lead to more clarity. Go to to download this very simple and effective way to reduce stress, gain clarity and feel better fast! The key is to give yourself permission to relax – even for 60 seconds – even though tasks are undone. That 60 second time-out will give you clarity on those undone tasks.
  4. CHILL: Do something you love. For some people it is a walk in the park and for others it is reading a book. This clears the mind, relaxes the body, and gives you a different perspective on the tasks before you.
  5. IT’S OK: Let go of the fear of making mistakes and the mindset of perfectionism. Mistakes are opportunities to learn, expand and grow in mind, body and spirit. Perfectionism puts you in a box because NOTHING is perfect. Strive for excellence instead and ask questions, listen to your intuition and take action instead of doing nothing at all. Choose to stay open in mind and heart to learn new things.

To your success,

Terry Wildemann

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