The Secret Within: Sharing Our Story as a Writer and Speaker

In episode 42 of the new Awaken The Possibilities Podcast, Host Terry Wildemann interviews Katja Rusanen in “The Secret Within: Sharing Our Story as a Writer and Speaker” Awaken the Possibilities Podcast features successful entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders who offer insights on how to attract success in business and life.

Katja Rusanen is a #1 best-selling author, spiritual mentor, success coach, and creator of the Client Attraction Story System, a step-by-step program for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to craft stories that sell. After working as a supervisor in one of the world’s leading business banks, she obtained two master’s degrees in Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Science. She has now dedicated her life to helping clients discover the power of personal stories and create a business they love. Katja lives in gorgeous Marbella, Spain, and loves horseback riding, long walks on the beach, and watching the sunset.

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