The Gift of Self Love

Before you love those who are in your world, there is a very important person in the room that deserves your love first – yourself. Self Love allows you to manifest great things because when you believe in, and love yourself, it opens to the realm of magic and miracles. 

You may think that loving yourself first is egotistical, narcissistic and vain. That’s how I used to think then it became clear that if I didn’t love myself enough to self-care first, how could I possibly be there for others who needed my support? Not loving myself, and setting boundaries to protect my energy, caused me to experience multiple burnouts. Who does that serve? No one! I lost my business and hurt myself, my family and friends because I was so sick.   Today, my self-care and self-preservation comes first because it has numerous benefits. My clients are served well and my family and friends receive a grounded, happy and healthy me! 

Authentic self-love boosts your confidence.  Saying affirmations continuously that lift you up, followed with visualizations that match the affirmation, raises your vibrational energy. Focus on your desires and see yourself having them. When you feel, see, hear and sense what you are visualizing, it opens the door to manifesting it. The key is to believe and trust it.

Loving yourself enables you to develop and grow into the best version of yourself.
Don’t you deserve that? Indeed, you do.

Wishing you a brilliant week!

Terry Wildemann

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