Rising from the Ashes: Restructuring Your Life

TO READ THE TRANSCRIPT SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. In episode 19 of the new Awaken The Possibilities Podcast, Host Terry Wildemann interviews Christine Powers on “Rising from the Ashes: Restructuring Your Life”. Awaken the Possibilities Podcast features successful entrepreneurs and intuitive leaders who offer insights on how to attract success in business and life. ______________________________________________________________________________

About Christine Powers: Christine Powers is a world-class soprano and inspirational leader who is a fierce guardian of wonder and wisdom. She empowers leaders to go further and deeper — pulling us all forward into a transcendent world. Founder of the Philosophers Camp movement, she has built a refuge for deep healing in the Adirondack Mountains of New York that offers rejuvenation, learning, and co-creation while in micro-momentary community. Christine is a master energy worker and intuitive. Empower your voice through her musical events, attunements, workshops, and adventure retreats. Find Christine at www.christinepowers.com ______________________________________________________________________________

About Terry Wildemann: Terry Wildemann is the owner of Intuitive Leadership® and a Business and Resilience Accelerator, Speaker and Certified Executive Coach. Terry’s specialty is working with tired, unhealthy, close-to-burned-out entrepreneurs and professionals and helps them leap off the stress hamster wheel. They evolve into unstoppable stress resilient intuitive leaders and practical business mystics. Terry’s timely message guides clients and students to integrate intuition, stress resilience, positive communications and leadership with grounded business systems to achieve success by positively serving and influencing others. Her leadership experience includes owning a manufacturing company, image consulting company, leadership and holistic education center. ______________________________________________________________________________

TRANSCRIPT https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qgZgK2097e_-JKf0V3FIhor0tD-VwGDKqcXhOCUUP2o/edit?usp=sharing

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