Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Systems In Action – Part 2 – The Intuition System

Merging strategic Law of Attraction principles with practical intuition in a systematic way is a powerhouse system for leaders that creates powerful and positive results.

In part one of the Wash, Rinse, Repeat article I wrote about the necessity of having systems and focused on integrated the Law of Attraction RAM system in my business and life. As an Intuitive Leader it’s foundational to my work and creates amazing results. It will for you too since it’s already a part of who you are. It’s learning how to work with and integrate LOA and intuition into your life well to create your success and results that makes the difference for yourself and others.

From the practical side, you can have your MBA, be an engineer, a doctor, architect, artist, military person, physical therapist, professor, farmer, car assembler, politician etc. however and in the end the system you create with these two elements, Law of Attraction and Intuition, opens the door to evolve into an unstoppable intuitive leader and creating the success you seek.

Tapping Into Your Intuition System

An in the LOA system in part 1,  there are also specific steps, a system,  to intuitively access the information you seek. Both have an energetic dimension that downloads information and you process it with your unique gifts in your own unique special way.

Here’s a practical example that explains how the energy of Law of Attraction and Intuition work. Think of the steps you take when using a GPS system on your phone.

  • You want directions from Google Maps or Waze and engage the software by pressing on a sequence of buttons that allow your phone to send signals to a cell tower that bounces the info to a satellite.
  • The information you want gets “downloaded” from the satellite “out there” back to the tower then forwards it to the GPS system on your phone.
  • The system then guides you on your journey to your desired location. The specific steps you took downloaded information energetically to get you what you wanted.

It’s a system that you can not feel or see. Our intuition works the same way. It’s our Divine Intuitive Inner Guidance System – DIIGS. In my first book, “The Enchanted Boardroom,” I called it the “Wise Intuitive Guidance System – WIGS,” but that acronym never felt right. Indeed, our intuition is VERY wise but WIGS always presented an image of an English barrister/layer who wears a curly wig into court.  DIIGS feels so much better to me because it indicates our having to go within, dig inside of ourselves, and allow the information to surface. Use whichever one feels best to you but simply it’s the voice within.

When we are born we come into this world already filled with unique gifts: our intuition and talents. Our environment, and the people in those environments, either nurture those gifts and talents in us or cause us to ignore them out of fear or lack of love, compassion and understanding. Eventually they atrophy like a plant without water or food. However, I’m of the belief that those gifts can always be resurrected with the right combination of self love, compassion and understanding from ourselves and others. It’s about being ready to learn, grow and expand into who we are meant to be in this lifetime with the right teacher or guide.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will Disappear.”  Lao Tsu

Let’s take a look at the intuitive gifts we all have: The Four Clairs.  All four gifts are a part of us however we tend to have one, maybe two, as our primary gifts. With practice and openness, you can elevate the other intuitive sides and make them stronger.

  1. Clairvoyance – the leaders who have this gift see images that contain insight. The images can be very clear or muddy based on the message. I have found that the out of focus messages are meant to give just enough information to start the discovery and learning process.
  2. Clairaudient – the leaders with this gift hear messages and words. This is how my gifts started to evolve. I started hearing messages in my left ear. Believe me, at first I thought I was going a bit nutty but the messages were so spot on I started to listen and now welcome them with open arms.
  3. Clairsentience – the leaders with this gift work with their gut feeling. It goes beyond the information that comes from our five senses of eyes,  ears, taste, smell, and touch.  This is the territory of the empath, the person who can feel another’s emotions and and sense their feelings.
  4. Claircognizance – the leaders with this gift just know something without evidence, reading or being informed about it. It’s a knowing that drives you like an energy beam pulling you along a path. You just know that you need to do something or go somewhere. I equate it with Mother’s Intuition. You just know.

Which of these four resonate with you? I’m at a point after many years that I find myself working with all four almost equally but it did start with the gut, the Clairsentience, followed by Clairaudience. Your experience will be different. The more open I became the more information downloaded. Once I trusted it, it was clear that my intuition was invaluable to decision making, projects, stress management, communicating with my team and family and so much more. And that’s the key, trust and belief that these gifts are given to us for a reason.

What system do I use to tap into my intuition? Meditation or quiet contemplation is one of them. Here is the 5 step system I use when choosing to meditation to access intuition:

1. Prepare to meditate by sitting in my favorite chair.

2. Have journal and mechanical pencil very close by to write. Using pencil allows me to write from the intuitive place without concern for it being readable. Once I figure out what I wrote it’s easy to erase the original and replace it with what was intended.  My phone also fills that role. My Samsung Note 8 comes in very handy during times when I don’t have my journal with me. Recently, during church services, a powerful download came with insight I was looking for. Out came my trusty phone where I wrote the insight.

3. Music or affirmation CD – based on how I feel I meditate in silence or have soft music in the background. There are also times when I plug into a mediation audio about a specific topic. It’s important to go with the flow.

4. Set the intention for the meditation. If I need an answer to something, that becomes the intention. If I just want general information the intention is set to be open to whatever comes.

5. Allow – allow to come what comes. Trust it, relax, enjoy the process.

All systems need to be learned and practiced.  They influence you to do better and when you know them well enough to wash, rinse and repeat those systems send you rockin’ and rollin.

Lessons Learned

I’m a very practical speaker, trainer and coach, who loves working with entrepreneurs and leaders. Together, we explore, learn, integrate and implement solid business practices with Law of Attraction, positive communication, intuitive leadership and stress relief techniques into their business and lives.

Sometimes, projects and life can be challenging and when that happens it’s about stepping back and taking a “360 view” at what is and isn’t working. Life changes quickly and suddenly there can be too much stuff. It becomes heavy and the original lightness and fun of a project or event decides to take an unexpected vacation!

When we get too busy, or life events come at us, we throw one of our most important tools, our intuition, into the back seat.  What I’m doing becomes hard, a struggle and the flow stops making me stuck in a quagmire of indecision. My project, and life, gets temporarily put on hold because the system needs to be fine tuned to meet the standards of new elements that present themselves. My intuition keeps relentlessly tapping my shoulder nudging me to stop and listen and get back in the game.

In examining my “stuckness” during those times, the discovery often comes that I get too intense and inflexible with the wash, rinse, repeat system losing site of the goal. It’s similar to when you lose the satellite GPS signal when driving. All of a sudden the transmission stops and you don’t know where to go. When I’m in alignment all flows smoothly, I listen to my DIIGS, take action, and all begins flowing again.

When this happens it’s important to look at the system and get clear on what is working and what isn’t working. It’s time to stop, listen and ask the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How questions and re-align. A new and improved Wash, Rinse, Repeat system emerges.

When the answers are in our grasp it’s important to trust, listen and employ the Law of Attraction and Intuition steps faithfully and merge them with our practical skillsets. It’s also about giving ourselves kindness, compassion and understanding that sometimes things happen in a way that offers a different perspective to re-ignite the energy and offer insight to what we are working on.  It always offers food for thought that personally makes me a stronger and intuitive coach, speaker and facilitator. And, yes, it can be frustrating!

There is so much more to learn about intuition. Allowing yourself to be open, practice the Law of Attraction steps and include listening to your intuition will help you integrate the practical, tactical, logical, emotional, intuitive, spiritual and physical sides of your self. You become an Intuitive Leadership® rock star!

To your success!


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