Listening to Your Wise Inner Guidance System During Challenging Times

How often have you ignored your wise inner guidance system, those intuitive hits that guide us in a different direction, and lived to regret it? All of us have intuitive inner wisdom, an inner genius that when honored, can create so many wonderful experiences in our lives.  Our intuition shares pearls of wisdom, and when we listen carefully, what we need to know and do becomes clear. The key is to trust and believe in the message and yourself. 

Unfortunately, with so much stress today because of the world shutting down and taking a NAP (nurture, appreciate, pause) due to the coronavirus situation,  it’s easier to follow others, their opinions and actions instead of listening to the intuitive message coming from within. Listening to our inner guidance system requires us to look in the mirror, take a step back and really see, hear and feel what is in front of us and within. If you are not used to doing this it can be very hard work in the beginning because it means we need to be accountable with ourselves. Sometimes, holding ourselves accountable means looking at and acknowledging some ugly stuff. Once we step into it with courage, the ugliness can turn into LIGHT because we learn, grow and expand with understanding and acknowledgment. The lessons become blessings.

A wise person knows to listen to the intuitive hits that prods them to seek help.  You see, seeking help is a sign of STRENGTH! However, many of us have been taught that seeking help is weak. That is so wrong! Even the wisest seek the counsel of others. Advice comes in different flavors and levels and it’s important to follow your inner guidance system and listen to what feels right and dismiss what does not. 

How do we know what is right and what to dismiss?

1. Tune in to how your body feels. Your body has tremendous wisdom and it’s wise to listen to it.
Recently, one of my daughters was to take on a new job. Though I did not understand exactly what she was to do in this new position I knew it was wrong for her by the way my body felt. The resistance was intense and my body became tense, hurt and felt very off every time we spoke about it. I knew something was going to change and indeed it did. She will be taking a better job in another state doing work that truly fits who she is. My body immediately relaxed when I was told the great news and every time we speak about this new position it feels good.

2. Listen to others and keep what feels right and release what does not.  Some folks are just incredibly opinionated and love making others wrong. Many offer advice and opinions based on what they know to be true yet they have little experience in applying what they think they know.  Bless them, listen to their opinions and check-in with how you feel. Do what is right for you.

Technology is a gift and a curse. The plethora of information is wonderful however many of our youth do not understand that what they read, and the application of what they read, are two different things. There is a whole different understanding of things when something is experienced.

3. Accept your inner power. Unlock the power in your mind, heart and body then listen to it. Ask for help when needed and trust that all will be well.

To your success,

Terry Wildemann


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