Journeys, Courage and Miracles


We each have a journey and, when appropriate, it’s important to share the lessons that made a difference in our lives so we can help others. When we courageously put ourselves out there miracles happen when we least expect it! The evidence is in this simple story and conversation with big energy.

St. Jude is the patron saint of miracles. Yesterday, in a women’s clothing store, I bought my sister and myself matching St. Jude bracelets. As we were cashing out, the sales woman overheard me say I was going to “charge the bracelets” and she asked what was meant by that. I explained, that as a holistic and healing practitioner, I work with energy and was infusing the bracelets with healing energy because my sister needs a kidney transplant. In an instant the sales woman responded with “I’ll give you a kidney!” We thought it was a joke. She was super serious. Miracles were already starting. Finding a match is serious business and, even if she is not a match for my sister, she could be for one of the many waiting on the transplant list for this amazing gift of life.

This past Sunday, October 13th, 2019, I participated in the Philadelphia Kidney Walk in honor and support of my sister, Lilian Early, who is starting her transplant journey due to Polycystic Kidney Disease. Her powerful story of denial, acceptance and understanding, is for the millions who do not know that they are also walking with kidney disease. If her journey and message can help one person you know, please share this speech.

Lil’s team, Trotting For Transplants – Team Early, raised over $7100.00 and donations are still pouring in. If you want to donate to the Kidney Foundation or would like to learn more about kidney disease and the millions it affects, go to:

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