Harnessing Self-Doubt

That feeling of self doubt can really suck the life out of you!

How you see yourself speaks volumes and can be felt by others in your outer world. If you believe in yourself, you attract others who believe in you and the opportunities that go along with that energy. If you doubt yourself, others may doubt you unless they have the wisdom to see through your doubt and give you the kick in the tail you need to step through the wall of self-doubt. Those folks are true mentors and friends.

I know that when I go into that self-doubt place – which happens when doing new things – up go the walls! Trust me, I love change. But the first steps to get things organized, in control and focused can be quite fuzzy in the beginning and I can wallow there a long time if I let it. That’s when I connect with my inner wisdom, my Enchanted Boardroom of mentors, and my tail gets kicked into action. It’s a wonderful thing!

Remember, your inner self-worth drives your actions. Believe you can do something, and you can. Believe something is hard, and it is. Believe you can’t do something and you are absolutely right.

Monitor your mindset and check in with yourself when those self-doubt moments rule the day, week, month, year…. your life. Instead, tap into your inner wisdom and inner strength to stay grounded, focused, and moving forward with your life your way.

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To your success!


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  1. Jakki Gioia

    Thanks Terry. Things in the outside world today made me start questioning myself so this was on point for me! But since I am a Follow the Signs thinker, i use my immediate outside world to see my clues to get or stay on track and feel if it backs up the guidance I’m getting. It’s usually about getting the ego out of the way to claim your real power to move forward. And yes, the fear of unknown can be immobilizing!

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