Harnessing Self-Doubt

These challenging times certainly fuel feelings of self doubt that can really suck the life out of you. How you see yourself speaks volumes and can be felt by others in your outer world. If you believe in yourself, you attract others who believe in you and the opportunities that go along with that energy. If you doubt yourself, others may doubt you unless they have the wisdom to see through your doubt and give you the kick in the tail you need to step through the wall of self-doubt. Those folks are true mentors and friends.

Along with self-doubt can come gigantic walls fo self protection!  Let’s face it, change has been non-stop in the last few months, and even for those of us who love change and the opportunity it brings, the amount and speed of global change is mind boggling.

Change can make things fuzzy at first and many of us can wallow in the lack of clarity for a long time if we let it.  My favorite mindset shifting strategies are helping clients to listen closely to their physical boardroom of coaches and mentors, their wise inner guidance system, and their spiritual Enchanted Boardroom of ascended masters, guides and angels. Yes, it takes practice to listen, trust and honor the wise counsel that comes from these sage voices.  Including quiet meditation, calm, reflection, journaling, spending time in nature and appreciation for our blessings opens doors if we allow it.

In addition, integrating our wise inner wisdom with practical and logical insights, creates innovative, powerful and creative inspired action that influences positive change. It’s a wonderful thing!

Also, our subconscious emotional baggage can create chaos and contribute to our self-doubt if we don’t heal it. This is stuff we have been carrying around for eons. Yes, it is possible to release it with energy tools that are available today. My favorite and the ones I’m certified in are Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotions Code and Body Code. All of these you can learn yourself by going to Youtube and reviewing videos that will help you. Associated books are The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson and the Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner.

Monitor your mindset and check in with yourself when those self-doubt moments rule the day, week, month, year…. your life. Instead, tap into your inner wisdom and inner strength to stay grounded, focused, and moving forward with your life your way.

Remember, your inner self-worth drives your actions. Believe you can do something and you can. Believe something is hard and it is. Believe you can’t do something and you are absolutely right. When someone tries to put you down and shutter your dreams, I challenge you to rise above the naysayer, step into your truth and prove them wrong. Believe in YOU!

If you are a an entrepreneur and need help releasing self-doubt, connect with me for a consult at terry@intuitiveleadership.com To your success! Terry Wildemann 401.849.5900 www.IntuitiveLeadership.com

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  1. Jakki Gioia

    Thanks Terry. Things in the outside world today made me start questioning myself so this was on point for me! But since I am a Follow the Signs thinker, i use my immediate outside world to see my clues to get or stay on track and feel if it backs up the guidance I’m getting. It’s usually about getting the ego out of the way to claim your real power to move forward. And yes, the fear of unknown can be immobilizing!

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