Zap Holiday Stress

Stop Your Tinsel From Tangling and Enjoy The Holidays


The holiday season is here and it brings love, peace and joy. Or, does it really ? It can also brings chaos, stress, unhappiness and loneliness. We each experience this time of year differently and, it amplifies what we are already feeling through out the year.


  • You could enjoy the holidays?
  • You discovered new ways to shift stress in the moment NOW.
  • What if you could make this chaotic year one of your best holiday seasons ever?
  • What if you could take what you learn in this webinar and apply it to 2021 and make it crazy successful?
  • You chose to take control of your stress levels now.


    I’ve been in your shoes. And I sometimes still go there even though I teach stress management! Humans have this thing about needing to learn as they go up and down the roller coaster of life.

    Over the last 20 years of teaching stress management and offering this free program for over 8 years, I’ve seen folks shift before my eyes and feel better fast. They learn to see things with new eyes and realized that they always have control. I would love to share with you what works for me and hundreds of others I’ve worked with in the last two decades.Join me by registering below and selecting of the 5 opportunities to participate. It truly will be worth your time because nothing is more important than great health to support you in running your business and enjoying your family. 

Join me as I help you to untangle the tinsel easily instead of letting it drive you to overwhelm and frustration. After all, it’s only tinsel! Yet, darn it, for tinsel lovers tangled tinsel is FRUSTRATING! Yes, the Holidays can be really stressful.

Stress leads to burn-out, aches, pains, poor decision-making, lack of focus, disease and more. What if there were simple tools to help you release negative stress and feel better quickly and so you can run your business and live life with health, focus and ease? 

And, there ARE! I will be presenting them to you in this webinar. I will share highlights, and exercises to ensure you have it down, on the following topics and more:

  • Does work/life balance really exist?
  • What is the source of our stressors?
  • How to attract more of what you want in business and life.
  • In-the-moment techniques to easily reduce stress
Student will receive: 1. Quick Shift Zone Card – manage stress in seconds! 2. Managing Holiday Stress E-Guid


Terry Wildemann

Chief Shiftologist at Intuitive Leadership® U

Your presenter, Terry Wildemann, was a stressed-out workaholic that suffered from chronic aches, pains and physical issues.  After multiple burn-outs she chose to research resilience and healing techniques and became certified in several of the modalities. Today, Terry is super healthy and runs her business with renewed energy and flow. She shares her resilience, leadership, intuition and communications expertise with entrepreneurs and professionals globally.
Her mission is to help fellow entrepreneurs leap off the stress hamster and become healthy in mind, body and spirit so they can operate their business coherantly and with focus.

Register today and give yourself the gift of great health for the holidays. You deserve it!


Harrison Klein

I took Terry Wildemann’s “Zap Holiday Stress” workshop and it was transformative. You know, I’ve been in this business for forty-two years or so and I thought I’d seen everything. Terry is a master at making transformation and I wanted to endorse her wholeheartedly. She not only helped to make additional transformation in me but on top of that, she also gave me some techniques and tools that I can use and take along with me for teaching my students and my other friends and things like that will enhance my life. You know, if you want to be a speaker, if you want to be a business entrepreneur, if you want to be someone who has mastery over the skills of elevating and signifying additional value for people, Terry is a good choice to take a workshop, class or mastermind group with. I highly recommend and endorse Terry. She is an amazing woman. Life is good, love is wonderful and she is sensational. If you have anything you want to accomplish, Terry is your coach. Terry, thanks for doing all you did for me. I appreciate you.

Serenity Raven-Wolf Author, Results Coach, Creator of The SoulSync Process
As an entrepreneur, speaker, and educator, health issues hindered my income. I was very uncomfortable and it affected my mental state and self-confidence. Terry was recommended to me by a friend and I instantly knew she was different. She’s one of the most loving and compassionate people I’ve ever met; her intuition immediately picked up on things I know I never told her. Three weeks after that session, my coughing has gone from 10 to a 1, and my blurry eye is to a 4. It’s also amazing to see more clearly with my right eye. The arthritis, after only 1 session went from a 10 to a 5. (10 = how bad it was before I started working with Terry).
I now have a renewed enthusiasm and excitement to grow my business and share my message with the world. Terry Wildemann is a godsend for us all. If you ever have the opportunity to work with her, she has my double thumbs of approval and a 5-star rating. Thank you, Terry

Give yourself the gift of less stress and more joy.


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