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Rated 5 out of 5

“When working with Terry you can feel her energy and compassion from the moment she enters the room. Terry is always true and straight forward to those she is coaching, training or just being a friend to. I have first had experience to her ability to not only relax but take the fears away by recently displaced employees. I would highly recommend Terry for any type of training, coaching or if you just need to look in a new direction, she has the ability to get you there.​”

Avatar for Lisa (Gofton) Widmann​
Lisa (Gofton) Widmann​


Rated 5 out of 5

“Terry coached me through an important developmental stage in my conculting and coaching career with great focus, compassion, challenge, and understanding. She has a great track record empowering individuals to achieve higher levels of performance in their jobs and lives. And, she is a joy to work with.​”

Avatar for George Rounds
George Rounds


Rated 5 out of 5

“I took Terry Wildemann’s workshop and it was transformative. You know, I’ve been in this business for forty-two years or so and I thought I’d seen everything. Terry is a master at making transformation and I wanted to endorse her wholeheartedly. She not only helped to make additional transformation in me but on top of that, she also gave me some techniques and tools that I can use and take along with me for teaching my students and my other friends and things like that will enhance my life. You know, if you want to be a speaker, if you want to be a business entrepreneur, if you want to be someone who has mastery over the skills of elevating and signifying additional value for people, Terry is a good choice to take a workshop, class or mastermind group with. I highly recommend and endorse Terry. She is an amazing woman. Life is good, love is wonderful and she is sensational. If you have anything you want to accomplish, Terry is your coach. Terry, thanks for doing all you did for me. I appreciate you.”

Avatar for Harrison Klein​
Harrison Klein​

Emotion Code/Body Code

Rated 5 out of 5

“Hi Terry: Thank you again for the session. It was amazing and has brought a lot of peace to my heart. As the days have gone by, the tension and tightness in my neck has almost completely dissipated, which is amazing to me. As I prepare to navigate some very difficult days in the upcoming month, I’m grateful to have some physical and emotional relief from some of the things I’ve been struggling with.”

Avatar for Lori Latimer
Lori Latimer

Emotion Code/Body Code

Rated 5 out of 5

“Woweeee… I’m blown away by the session I had with Terry. My neck was killing me and I couldn’t stand it any more. No one could help and then in one session, Terry did her “thing” and Poof! No more ouchiness, only amazingness. Thanks Terry for being a miracle in my life!”

Avatar for Tonya Hofmann
Tonya Hofmann