This student center supports Intuitive Leadership® U students participating in our personal and business development programs. Groups, created to support each offering, are found here in this learning and activity hub.

Our goal is to guide the entrepreneurial leader to integrate the practical, tactical and logical with the emotional, energetic, spiritual and intuitive sides of themselves. Expanding the students natural born gifts with their life lessons creates an energy of confidence, competence and credibility leading to congruence and success in business and life.

We believe that entrepreneurship is more than just making money. It’s about heart and purposefully making a difference in service, family, community and ourselves. Authenticity and integrity are values we hold dear.

All of our offerings focus on one thing: guiding the entrepreneur to attract their ideal client and make a profit by rising into their best selves. They evolve into a positively unstoppable intuitive leader and entrepreneur.

Our courses and programs are created to harmonize the spiritual, personal and practical sides of business.

See you in one of our programs! 

Founded by Terry Wildemann
Intuitive Success Navigator
Specializing in Business, Mindset and Leadership