Welcome to the Intuitive Leadership® Student Center

 To better serve our students and clients, we moved and remodeled  the student center.  This is a private, safe,   easy to navigate space.  There may be hiccups as we fine-tune the site to meet our needs so we ask for your feedback and patience.

This student center supports  students participating in our personal and business development programs. Groups, created to support each offering, are found here in this learning and activity hub.

The following SHIFTology Lab courses are included in the

Unlock the Power In You Success Mastermind

Shiftology Lab

SHIFTology Accountability Matrix Program

Vision and Vibe Board Attraction Workshop

Mindset Courses

Focus Courses

Motivation Courses

Workshops. masterclasses. challenges

The following courses will be offered live throughout the year.

They are included in the Unlock the Power In You Mastermind and as stand alone events.

Leadership Communication

Spiritual Sales

Intuitive Decision-Making

Zap Stress