Happy Hour With Terry Success Circle and Networking Event

Enjoy networking, engagement and conversation at its finest. This event is more than a mastermind. It’s a success circle structured with powerful conversation starters amongst like-minded people who help each other and share ideas. Move forward together. 

happy hour with Terry SHIFTology events

“Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.”
― Michele Jennae

What happens during a

“Happy Hour With Terry” Event?

  • Evolve into a client attraction magnet and organically increase your Relationship Capital as you network with folks from around the world. 
  • Experience structured, multiple, small group breakout sessions where you get to really connect with fellow attendees.
  • Discover fresh insights and success generating ideas and solutions to your business challenges with our networking system.
  • Enjoy your own libation and snacks (coffee, tea, wine, chips, cheese, crackers, etc.).
  • This event is a “Free Zone” from sales and promotions. Just pure networking and connection.

Conversation and CONNECTions Made Easy


“Terry always draws a supportive and enthusiastic crowd. I have witnessed the transformation of small business owners who worked with her 1 on 1 as well as in a group setting. She has the talent for taking people who are in a serious rut and helping them get out of their own way and lead productive and satisfying businesses. Terry genuinely cares about the people she serves and has infinite patience during the process of helping people be better personally and professionally.”

Mary Brimer

About Your Faciliator

Terry Wildemann

Terry Wildemann, Intuive Leadership U, SHIFTology Coaching

Happy Hour With Terry was created to serve YOU! The Entrepreneurial Leader looking for something new and fresh so you can grow in mind, body and spirit.

Entrepreneurship can be scary, challenging and stressful. It’s also exhilarating and fun if you know what you are doing and are doing it for the right reasons. It requires structure and systems along with clarity and belief in your special vision and mission and most importantly, trust in yourself.

I’m Terry Wildemann, an Intuitive Success Navigator who guides entrepreneurs to create limitless prosperity powered by Intuitive Leadership.®  Unlike other healers and coaches, my focus is to reignite and shift my clients into harmonizing the spiritual, personal and practical sides of their businesses and themselves.

Clients call me the “Intuitive Truth Detective” because they succeed when I uncover and release their self-sabotaging baggage that gets in the way of their success. Their confidence, competence and credibility dramatically improves as they magnetically attract new business and improve how they work with current clients. They create and lead productive teams and improve their health and business and life relationships!

You see, 25 years ago I had a wake up call. I was burned out and the face in the mirror told me it was time to take my life back. It’s amazing how asking for help with faith and trust, all you need shows up at just the right time.

After speaking with colleagues, it was clear I was not alone on this journey. Burnout was rampant in the entrepreneur community.

It was time to take action!

My decades of business experience and my skillsets as a leadership, personal professional development trainer, speaker, author and podcast host were integrated with my spiritual gifts and holistic healing tools.  Trainings and coaching programs, hosted events, and more, were developed in service to this special community to harmonize the spiritual, personal and practical sides of business.

All was and is created in service to Entrepreneurial Leaders. The world needs you!