The Art and Science of Intentional, Intuitive and Impactful Change

What if you…

  • Finally listened to the constant intuitive nudges and stepped into your calling by taking inspired action. 
  • Made a difference with the clarity, insight and know-how to run your business or manage your career on all cylinders. 
  • Looked and felt great because you are taking care yourself first and reducing stress.
  • Easily tapped into and attract everything you need to run your business and career. 

take Inspired Action

SHIFTology ℠ Programs, Courses, Mastermind

Connect with your Inner CEO and harmonize the spiritual, personal and practical sides of business and life.

Terry Wildemann, Founder Intuitive Leadership with SHIFTology

SHIFTology℠ Includes: 

We offer:


  • For the Experienced and Intuitive Entrepreneurial Leader Walking the Inward Journey to Awaken The Possibilities.
  • Shift, Evolve and Lead on a Deeper, Wider and Wiser Scale


  • Develop resilient, ethically focused and integrated career professionals and entrepreneurs to serve humanity as connected and tuned-in intuitive entrepreneurial leaders, practical business mystics and SHIFTologists.


  • Attract and work with the finest intuitive faculty and staff, who together,  create and deliver world class, cutting edge programs for the evolution of the modern and conscious real world entrepreneurial leader.
  • Ensure all Intuitive Leadership® students are prepared to provide  leadership and business wisdom to make a positive difference in the workplace, business and social community.
  • Ensure that our curriculum provides positive and coherent solutions that are driven by the needs of society and the business community.
  • Leverage, to the fullest extent possible, joint venture relationships that expand positivity and make a difference on all levels.