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Limitless Prosperity Business Program

The 12 month Limitless Prosperity Business Program includes the SHIFTology Lab and all of our workshops and events.  The Lab  is offered in 3 trimesters.

Each Trimester includes the following:

  • 4 trainings – 1 per month
  • 4 one to one coaching sessions – 1 per month
  • 4 mastermind sessions – 1 per month
  • 4 group intuition/mindset sessions  – 1 per month
  • 12 group general coaching sessions – weekly
  • 4 open office Q&A sessions – 1 per month
  • Guest speakers
  • Exclusive access to the ILU student Center
Terry Wildemann, Intuive Leadership U, SHIFTology Coaching
Facilitated by Terry Wildemann

Intuitive Success Coach, Founder of Intuitive Leadership®, Speaker, Author

Shiftology Lab

The following 14 SHIFTology Lab courses are included in the Limitless Prosperity Business Program

Vision and Vibes Board

A shiftology Law of Attraction Workshop

SHIFTology Accountability Matrix

A Law of Attraction and Accountability Program

Launch January 2023

Mindset Courses - Trimester 1

Launch May 2023

Focus Courses - Trimester 2

Launch September 2023

Motivation Courses - Trimester 3

Workshops. masterclasses. challenges

Leadership, Intuition, Law of Attraction, Communications, Spiritual Selling, Stress Resilience

The following courses will be offered live throughout the year.

They are included in the Limitless Prosperity Business Program and as stand alone events.

To be notified of the dates and times please fill out this form.

Leadership Communications

Intuitive Decision-Making

Zap Stress



Focus and Clarity