The Love Connection in Business and Leadership

Is there a connection between love, business and leadership? Indeed, there is. Love is at the core of solid and positive relationships, communications, leadership, self-care and more. It starts with you simply being kind and loving to yourself first.  There’s a saying that how one treats others is a direct…

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Finding Purpose

There’s this belief that some of us came to this world to fulfill a specific purpose. Discovering your life’s purpose is a process especially if you want to live a more meaningful life. Let’s do a Quick Shift to quiet your mind, connect your heart and step into coherence to…

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The Gift of Self Love

Before you love those who are in your world, there is a very important person in the room that deserves your love first - yourself. Self Love allows you to manifest great things because when you believe in, and love yourself, it opens to the realm of magic and miracles. …

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