A 12 Month Program

For Entrepreneurs Seeking to Elevate Themselves and Their Businesses
by Using ALL of their gifts.


The Leader's Journey Begins

Tap Into Your Uniqueness

Are you a special heart-centered business leader who connects with your brilliant mind, heart and intuition in ways that people feel the moment they meet you?

Make A Difference

Are you creating a business with values that transforms the lives of those you serve? What about crafting an unforgettable experience that leads to a highly productive workforce and clients that keep coming back for more?

Grow In Mind, Body And Soul With A Group Of Like-minded Entrepreneurial Leaders

Are you seeking to grow on all levels and interact with other like-minded business owners as you positively influence your clients, co-workers, family and friends?

Are you ready to transform yourself and your business?

The world needs your wisdom, talent and energy. In the Limitless Prosperity Wisdom Circle, our members grow from the inside out. They understand the power of the Inward Journey. Identify your superpower to lead your tribe, ideal clients and workforce and more. Connect the practical, logical, emotional, intuitive, and spiritual sides of yourself. Attract the success you seek.

Our Maestros help you to the create miracles and enjoy the success. Emerge into the Intuitive Leader you choose to be.

Do you have at least 3 years of business experience? Do you identify with being unique and different, practical and spiritual? Are you ready to step-up your inner business game? Let's have a conversation to see if the Limitless Prosperity Wisdom Circle is right for you!

CHANGE Your Mindset

Benefits Of Joining This Program


Create business and sales systems to attract your ideal client


Trust and believe your intuition.


Tap into intuitive group energy to
ease decision-making.


Communicate to be heard and listen to understand


Network and build your business


Gain focus on projects and goals.

Join the Limitless Prosperity Wisdom Circle

Facilitated by Terry Wildemann and the Maestros.

Attract limitless prosperity

Accelerate, Elevate and Implement

Integrate cutting edge business, mindset, leadership and intuitive knowledge.
Entrepreneurs who join this mastermind know that it's time to do things differently. Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over without realizing the results you seek? Do you experience nudges, a deep-seeded calling to implement your business and life dreams yet, you are unclear on the next steps to do it?

Are you an entrepreneur seeking to work with all of your gifts? Do you observe a situation from all angles? Would getting clear on varying perspectives influence your decision-making and leadership?
The Limitless Prosperity Wisdom Circle offers real world business and personal development programs. Our coaching programs, spear headed by our elite team of Maestros, help you grow in mind, body and spirit. Each Maestro brings decades of business and leadership experience. They share the gift of merging with intuition and spirituality. Thus, their gifts help you access and fine tune your own special gifts.
On your Inward Journey in this mastermind you will experience:
  • How to lead and make decisions with new perspectives from 35,000 feet up and at sea level.
  • Experience a positive learning culture with fellow entrepreneurs on their own Inward Journey.
  • Share opportunities to grow together. Learn to work with all your gifts and practical systems. Amplify your leadership, business and life.
  • Learn the best and worst business practices based on current information and experiences.
  • Co-Creating at it’s best! Create new initiatives to put in place your mission and vision.
  • Get the best training, coaching, mentoring. Join discussions that answer questions and fill gaps in your business and leadership.
  • Learning and using cutting edge tools to help your business scaled and flow with calm and ease.
  • Have confidence when working with ALL of your gifts. Do it without fear to create positive change in your career and life.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The Leader's Inward Journey Continues

What is this program about?

The Limitless Prosperity Wisdom Circle helps members to awaken the possibilities in business and life.
Our business, professional and personal development courses and expert coaching, offers opportunities. Members tap into all sides of who they are. Imagine integrating the practical and logical, energetic, spiritual, emotional and intuitive. With deep self-reflection, new business systems and business building skillsets, they transform. Positively Unstoppable Intuitive Entrepreneurial Leaders in service to humanity.

Are your outcomes guaranteed?

No one can guarantee your outcomes. It depends on your dedication, focus and drive to work with what we offer you. Implementation is key to the success of this program. It requires your time and a willingness to look in the mirror and clear out the success blocks. We provide the tools, training, coaching and mentoring. You provide the rest as you navigate your own Inward Journey. This is a small group program of no more than 25 entrepreneurs. The goal is to give you the attention you deserve in this robust and comprehensive program. If you find yourself stuck, we encourage you to reach out to Terry or the Maestros. Also, your new Wisdom Circle friends may help you find solutions.

What outcomes can I expect?

  • We guide you on gaining clarity and insight on your vision, mission and purpose
  • Evaluation of business systems.
  • Solutions to business challenges.
  • Deepening of goal setting and scheduling skills.
  • Action plan creation to achieve those goals.
  • Elevation of your mindset and inner business game
  • Identification of your ideal audience
  • Communication insights on how to be heard and understood.
  • Support with your “Inward Journey.”
  • Networking with group members.
  • Improvement of work/life harmony.
  • Amplification of  Magnetic Business Attraction.
  • Identification and connection with your intuition and personal “Enchanted Boardroom” and Inner CEO.
  • Improved relationships with yourself and  in your career and life.
  • Clarity and focus that leads to calm, ease and flow.
  • Improved health and relationships
  • Increased sales and marketing insights for your audience.
  • Event planning insights
  • And so much more!
  • Our guarantee:
    Our focus is helping you to elevate yourself in business and life. We firmly believe that the world needs you and your unique gifts and services. If you find that this program is not working for you after 3 months, we will adjust to what feels better for you. You can also request to be released from the contract. But, if you do decide to leave the program, and rejoin at a later date, the tuition will be assessed at the current prices.

    Who will enjoy this program?

    This program is for you if you are: 

    • Spiritual. In your heart ,you know and believe in an energy bigger than yourself. You may know it as “a Higher Power,” “the Divine,” or “the Universe,”  or “God.” You want to expand your intuitive gifts that you were born with, deepen your spiritual awareness and connection to grow yourself,  your career or business and positively influence those you serve.  
    • Open to “Awakening the Possibilities” in Business, Career and Life. 
      You know there a different ways of doing things. You are ready to explore innovative solutions to solve challenges with cutting edge tools. 
    • Wanting to make a difference locally, nationally or globally.
      You have a calling, a feeling, a knowing  that you are meant to use your talents to help others improve their lives, careers and businesses. 
    • Ready to invest in yourself and seek success in all areas of your life. 
      Investing in yourself is key to your success. The more you do that you improve your wealth, health, relationships, education and spirituality

    Who will NOT enjoy this program?

    This program is NOT for you If:

    • Spirituality is unimportant to you. 
      You don’t believe in Law of Attraction, Angels, God, the Universe, or a Divine Higher Power 
    • You expect it to be easy. 
      You don’t want to look in the mirror or put in the effort. Instead, you prefer to sit on the couch  thinking things will magically happen.  
    • You dislike change and won’t budge on how you do and see things. 
      If you aren’t willing to create new habits, learn new things, be open and flexible to implementing new ideas, this program is not for you. 
    • You allow fear, perfection, and the “what if’s” to control you. 
      This program is not for you if you choose to stay stuck in the land of ‘what ifs,” doing everything perfectly instead of walking through your fear and moving forward  to succeed in all areas of your life. Perfection does not exist!  
    • Don’t take responsibility for yourself. 
      You prefer to play the “blame game” instead of owning that you are responsible for your results. 

    What is included in this program?

    The Limitless Prosperity Success Circle one year program includes:

    • Access to:
      1.  Specific Intuitive Leadership® U courses  
      2. The SHIFTology Lab program – 12 months courses, coaching and mentoring.
      3. All multi-day events during the 12 months 
      4. Weekly topic specific group coaching/training with the  Maestros. 
    • With Terry:
      1. 1-1 Introduction discovery and roadmap session 
      2. 12 two hour Success Circle Sessions  (one per month)
      3. 12 SHIFTology Lab group support/training sessions (one per month)
      4.  Quarterly 1 day Success Circle Sessions  
      5 Quarterly (4) 1 – 1 review sessions 
      6. SHIFTology Lab group support in the Intuitive Leadership U student Center (priceless)
      7. Limitless Prosperity Success Circle Private support group in the Intuitive Leadership U student Center (priceless)

    • Video and MP3 of each coaching hour, training and meditative experience 
    • Personal and Comprehensive DISC , Values, EQ Behavioral Profile and debrief 
    • Monthly DISC support in the SHIFTology Lab 

    It’s important to us that you succeed and flourish on every level. Offering you this guarantee keeps us both happy and in integrity. 

    We know what it’s like to participate in a program that falls short of promises made and your expectations. The disappointment runs deep!  Our goal is to make your wanting to invest in yourself and business an easy, painless choice. At your 3 month 1-1 session with Terry, you will  discuss if the program meets your expectations.  You will have two options:

    1. Together, you and Terry will review and, if necessary, add resources to  help you succeed.

    2. We rip up your contract for the remainder 9 months. That’s right! If after 3 months you are unhappy, and we are not a match, future payments are stopped. If you choose to re-enroll, tuition will be reassessed to current prices. It’s so simple. 

    Are you ready to shift and thrive?

    1. Receive a 45+ page report all about YOU to help you understand yourself and others

    2. Identify behavioral and motivational styles. Blend them to produce an accurate profile of how you work and engage most effectively, and how to adapt your style in order to develop strong, impactful relationships through identifying and understanding your:

    Strengths, Limitations, Communications Do’s and Don’ts, Value to the Organization, Time Wasters, Passions, and Blind spots. Identify what shuts you down and limits your engagements. Discover what fuels you to move into action and identify how to bring the most satisfaction and fulfillment out of others

    3. Personal 1:1 – Debrief  deep dive into who you are, how you are showing up to others and creating win:win relationships. Realize your human potential that will take you to the next level

    4. Create a strategic plan, a Personal Operations Playbook, to increase relationship connectivity and effectiveness with outside contractors and teams and:

    a. Leverage your strengths and reinforce mindfulness to become the leader people want to get behind

    b. Create opportunities and effectiveness that will connect and align you with others seamlessly. Understand the individual make-up of each and every team member and client enabling you to bring out the best in everything they do

    c. Build high performing teams that will scale your team, and your clients’ teams, to the next level. 

    Let’s have a conversation and explore if this is the right program to help you grow your business. Click here to schedule.

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