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The Power In You!

A Success Mastermind Powered by SHIFTology


The Unlock the Power In You program is for entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches, healers, and speakers who are already serving clients. They want to improve themselves so they can achieve more success for themselves and their clients.

This mastermind program is led by Terry Wildemann, an experienced entrepreneur, certified coach, certified healer and author. Terry blends her decades of real-world business and leadership experience with personal and professional development training, intuitive coaching and stress reducing practices that maximize human potential.

Sound familiar?

  • Are you an out-of-focus business owner who is doing too much? 
  • Is decision-making a struggle?
  • Does imposter syndrome hamper your success?
  • Do you ignore your intuition and regret it?
  • Are you happy with your personal and business relationships?
  • Does your body constantly ache from doing too much?

Imagine yourself:

  • Working confidently with all your gifts
  • Creating new initiatives, products and services
  • Having confidence in your leadership and relationships
  • Operating your business with calm, ease and flow
  • Feeling great in mind, body and spirit

Clear Success Blocks

Great leaders transform themselves through inner work resulting in empowering boldness, courage, and strength. Powerful inner work unleashes a wellspring of clarity and inspired action that make dreams a reality and transforms business and life. 

This mastermind helps you shed emotional baggage that blocks money, health, and positive relationships. The goal is to  increase leadership and entrepreneurial strength, confidence, competence and credibility.

Achieve YOUR potential and better serve YOUR clients by dissolving any doubt, fear, shame, unworthiness, resistance and worry within you. 

Take a look at the list of challenges below  that many entrepreneurs experience. (And there are many more!)


  • Not being taken seriously
  • Overcommitment
  • Not enough clients
  • Feeling of “I don’t know what I’m doing.”
  • Fearful of Change
  • Feeling imperfect and unworthy
  • Constantly stressed and out of control
  • Being Visible 
  • Fear of sales and marketing
  • Feeling inadequate when networking and building connections
  • Scared to listen to my intuition 
  • Fear of not enough money
  • Scared of losing my health


We understand the frustration of investing thousands of dollars in year-long coaching programs that does not deliver as promised. Have you experienced:

  • Being locked into a contract without an exit clause?
  • Disconnection and dissatisfaction with the coach or teacher?
  • Emergency situations that the coach won’t accommodate?
  • The coach refusing to speak with you despite you paying thousands?
  • Realizing the coach prioritizes money over your welfare?

It’s frustrating to be stuck in a contract that doesn’t fulfill your needs and we understand your struggle.

When you enroll in one or all of our mastermind programs we offer:

  1. Open communication with Terry to discuss your situation and create a positive outcome for all.
  2. After completing a 12 week module,  there is no obligation to continue. 
  3. If during the 12 weeks an emergency comes up we will pause the program for you. 

What is included


Law of Attraction



Each of our twelve week group modules offer:

  • Daily Heart-Centered Community with Daily Support in the Private Online Student Center
  • Mutual Respect and Confidentiality in a Safe Healing Space  
  • Opportunity to Create Deep Business and Life Relationships
  • Guided Structure, Direction, Accountability, Inspired Action and Implementation Strategies
  • SHIFTology® Lab self-study courses
  • SHIFTology Accountability Matrix®
  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • Weekly Office Hour
  • Free Access to all Intuitive Leadership® and Shiftology® events
  • Planners and workbooks
  • Recordings of coaching, training, and meditations
  • Mind, Body and Spirit Transformation

Who WILL benefit from

this mastermind?

This program is for you if you are:

  • Ready to invest in yourself and attract wealth, health, and success
  • Open to awakening new possibilities and opportunities
  • Wanting to clear self-sabotaging baggage that hinders your success
  • Looking to deepen your spirituality and raise your vibrations
  • Wanting to improve resilience, leadership, and communication skills
  • Desiring to make a difference locally, nationally, or globally
  • Seeking accountability
  • Ready to harmonize spiritual, personal, and practical aspects of your business

Who WILL NOT benefit from

this mastermind?

This program is not for you are not interested in: 

  • Learning how to work with your intuition 
  • Controling stress to improve your life
  • Healing in mind, body and spirit 
  • Releasing the energy of control, perfectionism and judgement of yourself and others
  • Taking responsibility for yourself instead of  blaming others for your lack of success
  • Embracing change and accountability
  • Shifting your success and money mindset so you can serve your clients with authentic care.

Our Guarantee

This program requires a willingness to look in the mirror and truly see what no longer works.  Our process helps you to shed the emotional baggage and blocks to wealth, health and success.

Ultimately – you are in control of your success.

  Using the tools, training, coaching and mentoring that we provide rewards you with powerful guidance that helps you to navigate your own Inward Journey.

If after 2 weeks in the program you find it is not for you we will refund 100% of your tuition for that module.

About Your Facilitator and Coach

Intuitive Leadership

Terry Wildemann guides you towards the success you seek.

Terry Wildemann, founder and CEO of Intuitive Leadership® and SHIFTology®, is an executive and co-active coach, speaker, trainer and author with over 35 years of business experience in the personal and professional development and health and wellness arenas. She guides entrepreneurial leaders in clearing emotional baggage and self-sabotage to achieve success.Terry is certified in various holistic modalities, including NLP, Emotion Code, Body Code, EFT/Tapping, HeartMath® and more, which are incorporated into her work to improve health, mindset, and relationships for her clients.Terry’s students evolve into confident and influential leaders by harmonizing all aspects of themselves. Through self-reflection, new business systems and skillsets, they transform and evolve into Unstoppable Intuitive Entrepreneurs.

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