Self-DISCovery Sales Success

Welcome to our community!

We are looking forward to fun engagement with you in the Self-DISCovery Sales Success Experience. 

You will be added to our exclusive and private Intuitive Leadership U student center for business owners who are participating in an Intuitive Leadership® business-building program. It’s an ever-growing group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are action takers and serious about growing their business – just like you.

We also invite you to join our Facebook Group where you can engage and network with other likeminded entrepreneurs. 

 You have access to the following: 

  1. Exclusive access to the  Self-DISCovery Sales Success group in the Intuitive Leadership U Student Center
  2. Zoom links to all the training in the Sales Success group in the Intuitive Leadership U Student Center
  3. Materials and workbooks
  4. Three sets of Assessments reports
  5. Free Unstoppable Intuitive Entrepreneurs Facebook group
  6. All calls are recorded. 

Attending the group calls will help you get answers to your burning business questions. Gain insight on leadership, communications, networking, packaging your expertise, monetizing your knowledge, increasing your visibility, improving business, personal relationships, marketing your programs, and creating an action plans to implement it! Personal and Professional Development at its best! 

To Your Success,


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