Motivational Card Decks

Card decks for contemplation, action and wisdom insights. Ideal for journaling and meditation. 

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All of the following products and services on these pages. 
 enhance my own business and life.

Hopefully you find them as useful as they are for me!

Terry Wildemann, Intuive Leadership U, SHIFTology Coaching
Terry Wildemann




The Premiere Influencer, Affiliate and Joint Venture Searchable ​Online Directory for the Self Improvement Industry

Our JV Directory provides a simple system to quickly find and connect with hundreds of potential Joint Venture Partners, Affiliates, Podcasts Hosts, Industry leaders and Service Providers for companies working in the broad Self Improvement Industry.  You can think of it as LinkedIn on Steroids for people that want to partner and expand their reach in the Self Improvement Industry.


Our directory is designed to enable you to quickly find and connect with qualified Joint Venture Partners, Affiliates, Podcasters, Top Experts, Leading Influencers, and B2B Service Providers within the Self Improvement Industry is THE One Stop Shop to Quickly Find and Connect with every person, company or resource that you need to create and grow your Self Improvement business!

Our Goal is simple: We want to make it easy to find and connect with the right partners to grow your business

I was searching for a networking platform where the people wanted to really get to know me instead of hitting me over the head with a sales pitch the moment I allowed them into my network. I’m sure you have experienced this! I had a massive a rant with the Universe about wanting to attract REAL people who understand networking.  The Universe provided me with an amazing resource the very next day.

The Excitement begins with a Click of a Button!  6 Incredible New Konnections show up through the Proprietary AI and Algorithm technology to find EXACTLY who YOU need to Konnect with! 

The Konnections allows you to talk to many versus only going after one person at a time by the system selecting other experts who have YOUR Exact Target Market to Collaborate with.

BOOST your Business with more leads in less time while connecting with TOP professionals organizations.

 BeeKonnected to the right people – saving you time, energy and money as you are catapulting your business. Get started today for FREE.




Wainwright Global – Your Choice For Life Coach Education

Changing lives for the better requires more than just a friendly nudge. It’s about listening to your clients, pinpointing things that hold them back and finally helping them achieve their goals. Your zest to serve people is certainly a great starting point, but it’s not enough. It must be backed up by proper skills to motivate your clients to move on and keep mentoring them all the way through. Be sure to acquire them with all-round life coach education.

Wainwright Global, Inc. is where you start. We are a certified life coach institute that facilitates your learning through in-person and online means. Founded in 2006, WGI has helped thousands of graduates from all walks of life become go-to mentors for their clients so far. If you can’t wait to start paving your way in the field, choose your professional course and get the ball rolling.

I’m all about events! have been planning them for decades for I’m always on the look out for resources to make it easier. Enter my friend Steve and EventRaptor, and my planning is transformed!

Introducing a new virtual event management system that is focused on you, the event host, and make it as easy as possible to host your own virtual events.

    • Eventraptor will save you hours of time and help you with your email marketing.  Whether you’re involved in creating and delivering virtual events 50 times per year, or just starting out and creating:

    • 3 day event
    • 5 day challenge, 
    • webinar
    • gift giveaway campaign, 
    • book launches,
    • summits and more, 

World’s first ever collaborative content sharing system 

What if a marketing collaboration network could be set up comprised of thought leaders, experts, and content marketing driven businesses for the sole purpose of spreading the word about each other’s expertise in an authentic, positive way? This would extend the reach of your message and encourage the sharing of quality content across the social media platforms. What if it was set up so that the content can be global or local, thereby increasing the number of targeted prospects– increase ROI for the clients? Even better, what if members can share content of their own, and gain exposure for themselves?

Well you’re in luck, the Social Buzz Club has been doing this for almost a decade. Discover how this gamified content sharing platform and community can creates success through collaboration for you and/or your clients.


Brainwave Shots

I love being about to meditate and transform from within. BrainWave Technology helps you do just that! It helps you be a better you by elevating your consciousness and helping you align mind, body and spirit. Focus on your sacred business or purposeful career by building resilience, improving relationships, healing yourself and meditating to listen to your inner wisdom.

Mind Movies

Created by my friend and colleague, Natalie Ledwell, those of you who love movies will love Mind Movies. Add them to your daily meditation or have them playing in the background to keep you motivated and on task.

Change Your Life In Just A Few Short Minutes A Day? Three minutes is all it takes to quickly and naturally attract EVERYTHING into your life that you truly desire!