The Intuitive Leadership® University

Shiftology™️ Lab

Membership Program For Entrepreneurs

Monthly Group Session

Meet once a month and get answers to your business questions. Chief Shiftologist, Terry Wildemann, will work with you to help integrate the learning from the Intuitive Leadership® U monthly self-study courses.


The Shiftology Lab includes exclusive access to a private group so you can engage with fellow students. Ask your questions and receive answers from Terry and members.

Benefits Of The Joining Shiftology™️ Lab


Tighten up your business and sales systems and create a turn-key business that flows


Learn to trust your intuition.


Tap into intuitive group energy to
ease decision-making.


Build positive and powerful relationships with likeminded


Network and refer business to those you trust..


Gain focus on projects and goals.


Engage with fellow Intuitive Leaders who want to transform their environment. Together, influence others with confidence, calm and ease.


Support fellow unicorns and receive support so all can achieve their vision and mission.


Tapping into the insights, expertise and experience of fellow unicorns help all to achieve the success they seek.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shiftology™️ Lab

In the Shiftology™️ Lab  you are invited to participate in a 90 – 120 minute monthly call. Terry will answer your business questions and review the monthly themed self-study programs.  You will also have exclusive access to the private Shiftology Lab, a private group on our membership site. Network with  other students and get answers to your questions. 

This program is for you if you are: 

  • Open to “Awakening the Possibilities” in Business, Career and Life. 
    You know there a different ways of doing things. You are ready to explore innovative solutions to solve challenges with cutting edge tools. 
  • Wanting to make a difference locally, nationally or globally.
    You have a calling, a feeling, a knowing  that you are meant to use your talents to help others improve their lives, careers and businesses. 
  • Ready to invest in yourself and seek success in all areas of your life. 
    Investing in yourself is key to your success. The more you do that you improve your wealth, health, relationships, education and spirituality. Dedicating 90 minutes per month and asking your questions will help you grow and expand your business and life based on our self-study courses.

This program is NOT for you If:

  • You don’t have 90 minutes per month to participate. 
    We understand being busy. We all are! If reserving 90 minutes per month is not possible this course is not for you! 
  • You dislike change and won’t budge on how you do and see things. 
    If you aren’t willing to create new habits, learn new things, be open and flexible to implementing new ideas, this program is not for you. 
  • You allow fear, perfection, and the “what if’s” to control you. 
    This program is not for you if you choose to stay stuck in the land of ‘what ifs,” doing everything perfectly instead of walking through your fear and moving forward  to succeed in all areas of your life. Perfection does not exist!  
  • Don’t take responsibility for yourself. 
    You prefer to play the “blame game” instead of owning that you are responsible for your results. 

The Shiftology™️ Lab is a 12 month progam that includes the following:

  • Monthly 90 -120 minute Group  Session with Chief Shiftologist Terry Wildemann
  • Monthly self-study course.
  • Exclusive access to a private Shiftology Lab group on the Intuitive Leadership U membership site. This space provides opportunity to discuss topics and create discussion with like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • Video and MP3 of each coaching session
  • Guest interviews

Below are some of the outcomes experieneced by our students.

  • Clarity and insight on your vision, mission and purpose
  • Evaluation of business systems.
  • Solutions to business challenges. 
  • Deepening of goal setting and scheduling skills. 
  • Action plan creation to achieve those goals.
  • Elevation of your mindset and inner business game
  • Identification of your ideal audience
  • Communication insights on how to be heard and understood.
  • Networking with group members.
  • Improvement of work/life harmony.
  • Amplification of  Magnetic Business Attraction.
  • Identification and connection with your intuition and personal “Enchanted Boardroom” and Inner CEO.
  • Improved relationships with yourself and  in your career and life.
  • Clarity and focus that leads to calm, ease and flow.
  • Improved health and relationships
  • Increased sales and marketing insights for your audience.
  • Event planning insights
  • And so much more! 

Tuition includes the monthly self-study course, group coaching session and daily membership support in the private group. Value $4800 

Two payment options: 
Full tuition = $1697.00 

Payment Plan = $147/month

Want to try it out first? You can! Sign up and your first month’s payment for $97.