Unstoppable Intuitive Entrepreneurs

Reigniting Your Passion To Grow Your Business

Weekly training to integrate mind, body and spirit to succeed in 2021 and beyond.

Hosted by Terry Wildemann and Intuitive Leadership® U


Does This Sound Like You?

Do you...

  • Regret ignoring the intuitive and physical signs to change ?
  • Cringe when you make large or small decisions?
  • Struggle with your clients who are not a match?
  • Play small to please others in business and life?
  • Exhaust yourself doing it all?
  • Lose focus easily?
  • Prefer to walk on hot coals instead of marketing your business?
  • Dread writing copy for email, websites or social media?
  • Run in the opposite direction when you hear the word "sales?"
  • Lack follow through causing planned projects to fail?
  • Work with Law of Attraction and experience poor results?
  • Tremble at the thought of being visible?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions...

It's time to SHIFT and do things Differently

Step Into Calm... Ease... Flow...

SHIFT From Constant Mistakes and Unfocus to

Confidence, Competence, Credibility and Focus. *Evolve Into An Positively Unstoppable Intuitive Entrepreneur*

SHIFT From Exhaustion and Negativity to

Energized and Positivity. *Imagine Unlocking The Power In You!*

SHIFT From Not Knowing What to Say to

Understanding, Attracting and Easily Enrolling Clients *Break Out of Your Shell and Shift Into Heart-Centered Sales*

SHIFT From Stuck and Decison-Making Fear

to Fluid Solution Mastery *Elevate Your Intuition and Make Decisions with Calm and Ease*

AMplify... transform... SHIFT

Evolve Into An
Unstoppable Intuitive Entrepreneur

Align the practical, personal and spiritual sides of your business

Mind... Body... Spirit...

The business and life wisdom shared by our Maestros will lift you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Begin Your Entrepreneurial Leader’s Inward Journey NOW!




Magnetic Business Attraction

Imagine really understanding how to work with your energy to attract more of what you desire and less of what you don’t.


Imagine trusting your intuition deeply to help you find solutions and answer your questions.  You trust yourself and listen on a whole new level.  


Imagine catching yourself in the moment of negativity and being able to shift your mindset to positivity because you know what to do and how to do it. 


Imagine communicating in a way that creates trust and safety.  Influence your leadership, sales, communications with positive words and actions.

Sales and Marketing

Imagine gaining clarity on how to best sell your products and services. Work with fresh social media principles to market your business. 


Imagine the ease of running your business without the doubt and emotional baggage that weighs you down. Clear the self-sabotaging blocks that get your way. 


Imagine connecting with your fellow thought leaders in ways that  help you expand in mind, body and spirit. Your positivity and influence rises. 


Imagine easily writing influential copy that entices your ideal clients to buy your products and services.  


Imagine easily making decisions and finding solutions to challenges that appear with calm, ease and flow.

meet the maestros

Mind, Body and Spirit Support

The Intuitive Leadership® U Retreat Maestros

Imagine working with a team of experts who will elevate you on all business levels: practical, personal, spiritual. Each maestro is a positivly unstoppable intuitive entrepreneurial leader who will contribute to guiding you towards the success you seek.

Terry Wildemann

Shiftologist and Intuitive Success Navigator

1. ZAP the STRESS; Shift The Chaos
2. Magnetic Business Attraction
3. Decision-making Made Easy

MarBeth Dunn

Intuitive Energy Management Maestro

1. Create Limitless Possibilities for Entrepreneurs

Laura Rubinstein

Social Media  Maestro

Find the Crave and Get The Rave: Shift from Unknown to Well Known  in Your Field

Carol Mettebrink

Relationship and Values Maestro DISC Assessment Expert

Understand Yourself And Others in Leadership and Sales

Intuitive Leadership® U

Professional and Personal Development for Entrepreneurial Leaders

Time Management
and so much more!

Rhonda Bowen

Global Strategic and Cultural Communication Maestro

Ashes to Bonfire: What’s Missing In Your Business?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Unstoppable Intuitive Entrepreneurs Facebook Group  offers  personal and professional development training, discussions and tools to grow your business with calm, ease and flow. The result is, YOU, a confident, competent and credible entrepreneur who serves their client well and lives life on their terms.

This group is for you if you are: 

  • Open to “Awakening the Possibilities” in Business, Career and Life. 
    You know there are different ways of doing things. You are ready to explore innovative solutions to solve challenges with cutting edge tools. 
  • Wanting to make a difference locally, nationally or globally.
    You have a calling, a feeling, a knowing  that you are meant to use your talents to help others improve their lives, careers and businesses. 
  • Ready to invest time in yourself and seek success in all areas of your life. 
    Investing time in yourself is key to your success. The more you do that, you improve your wealth, health, relationships, education and spirituality. 
  • You  don’t care about improving yourself.

  • You are set in your ways and not open to innovative and creative change
    If you aren’t willing to create new habits, learn new things, be open and flexible to implementing new ideas, this retreat  is not for you. 
  • You are comfortable living with fear, perfectionism, pessimism and judgement.
    This retreat is not for you if you choose to stay stuck. 

This group offers so much! 

  • Personal and professional development and business growth presentations from our team of experts
  • Networking opportunities
  • Weekly training sessions
  • Tools to help with mind, body and business growth
  • Clarity and insight on your vision, mission and purpose
  • Solutions to business challenges.
  • Elevation of your mindset and inner business game
  • Communication insights on how to be heard and understood.
  • Networking with group members.
  • Improvement of work/life harmony.
  • Amplification of  Magnetic Business Attraction.
  • Improved relationships with yourself, in your career and life.
  • Clarity and focus that leads to calm, ease and flow.
  • Improved intuition, health and relationships
  • And so much more!

Your investment includes:

  • Weekly Presentations
  • Networking
  • Q and A to discover business and personal solutions to challenges
  • COST = $0 + your time to learn and grow yourself and your business

Invest time in yourself and thrive!

Take Action... Join This Group to Create Clarity and Re-Ignite Yourself and Your Business

Shift your business with calm, ease and flow



Weekly Meme and Livestream


Training Sessions With the Maestros


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