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The SHIFTology™ sunflower symbol closely aligns with our vision and mission. The sunflower continuously seeks light by pivoting towards the sun. Both ancient and modern people associate the sunflower with warmth, positivity, power, strength, and happiness. These are just a few of the positive qualities associated with the Unstoppable Intuitive Entrepreneurial Leader.

About Terry Wildemann Intuitive Success Navigator

Terry Wildemann, Intuitive Success Navigator

Terry Wildemann has been teaching and coaching entrepreneurial leaders and professionals for 4 decades. 

Constantly studying and learning, Terry became certified in various coaching and holistic healing practices to improve her mind, body and soul. This wisdom is integrated into her practical coaching and training for her clients and students where they apply it to the practical, personal and spiritual sides of their businesses.  They shift their inner business game, clear  self-sabotaging baggage, and thrive on their terms.

Terry’s masterminds, courses, VIP and group coaching programs, and events, help you shift and change  with ease. Evolve into your best self!