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Quick Shift Solutions Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs


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15 minute laser coaching sessions 

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Are you an entrepreneur struggling with getting clear on your next steps to achieve your 2021 goals? I get it! I’ve been an entrepreneur for over three decades and have been in your shoes. It’s frustrating, overwhelming and makes you toss and turn at night when things get rough! It’s awful! Thank goodness my coaches and mentors are there for me when learning and applying new business concepts. 

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Terry, aren’t you a coach yourself?” Indeed I am and have been for twenty two years! Every great coach has one, two and sometimes three coaches who specialize in different areas to work with them. My brilliant coaches keep me grounded and centered.  They help me so I can work with my amazing clients, the entrepreneurial leaders who keep jumping the same personal and business hurdles over and over and feel like they are going nowhere.

You see, and as a lifelong entrepreneur, I understand the challenges we face.   I got certified in a bazillion modalities to help me scale and clear blocks on every level  – mind, body and spirit.  It allows me to  discover the best solutions for myself allowing me to do the same for my clients.  I help them to clear the blocks, jump the hurdles and cross the finish line with calm, ease and flow. My goal is to offer high value that truly makes a difference.

If you’ve been struggling with:

  • Overwhelm and stress ? I’m a licensed HeartMath Resilience Coach and can help you become more resilient.
  • Challenges with sales, communications and relationships? I’m  a certified behavioral analyst and can help you read people so you can deliver information how they want it! 
  • Difficulty attracting what you desire?  I’m a certified Law of Attraction trainer and coach and will help you attract more of what you desire and less of what you don’t!
  • Low self esteem gets in your way?  I’m certified in various modalities that clear the self-sabotaging emotions that impede your confidence and block your success. 
  • Avoiding your intuition and regretting it? Intuition is at the core of my work and I laser focus on your challenges as I help you trust yours more and more.
  • Looking for Law of Attraction guidance so you can easily attract your desires?  I am a certified Law of Attraction trainer and have written about it in my books.

    My background includes co-owner and CEO of a manufacturing company, owning an image consulting company and founder of a holistic education and leadership center.  I’m also a published author of two solo books and 7 co-authored books. 

    Your clients need you to show up with confidence in mind, body and spirit. I would truly enjoy helping you to succeed in your business because humanity needs your special talent. 

    Thus,  I’m making a very special offer to help you succeed. 


Terry Wildemann is an intuitive and motivational coach. Her direct approach has helped me to see things more clearly, resulting in making decisions that I had procrastinated due to uncertainty. She has motivated me to do what I knew but had not acknowledged that I should do. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom, Terry!” - Ana Margarita Martinez


I am so thankful for Terry for helping with my stress level and complete overwhelm that was at a 10 and after the session I feel like I can take on the world and the level was more like a 2! She's brilliant and kind and really gets down to business to resolve issues I didn't even know I was still hanging on to. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Terry for making my stress levels dissolve after 1 session!” - Tonya Hofmann


I had the pleasure of meeting with Terry and a conversation unfolded about a rebrand of my company to reach a more diverse audience. Through her insight and intuition, she came up with an idea that saved me countless hours and lots of money. What a huge gift! I highly recommend working with her if you are needing guidance in brand alignment and expansion. Thank you, Terry!” Dr.. Amanda Barrientez

Quick Shift Solutions for Entrepreneurs Coaching Program

Get unlimited 15 minute laser coaching calls with me, certified executive and co-active coach, Terry Wildemann, for six months for an insanely low payment. 

4 Easy Steps to Amplify Your Inner Business Game! It’s simple, super easy and only $997 for 12 months of unlimited Quick Shift Solutions coaching with me. A 50% savings.

  • STEP 1 - Sign up for UNLIMITED Quick Shift Laser Coaching... Remember, only 5 spots are available!
  • STEP 2 - Look for a welcome email with a calendar link to book your first coaching session. Your FIRST session is 30 minutes so we get to know one another. You set the focus of each follow-up 15 minute call.
  • STEP 3 - You will get laser focused on your business goals and together, we will come up with your agreed upon ‘to do list’.
  • STEP 4 - A follow-up email will be sent with a call summary and tasks. A calendar link to set up your next call will be included. NOTE: Schedule the next session only after your to do's’ are completed.