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Reignite Your Prosperity Power Regroup, Reconnect, Recharge

Yourself to Succeed

“Reignite Your Prosperity Power: 4 Steps to Regroup, Reconnect and Recharge Yourself to Succeed” is a transformative look at how to reignite your inner potential to transform into a prosperity magnet.

Terry provides a step-by-step approach to regrouping thoughts, reconnecting with yourself and recharging energy to relieve stress to achieve success in all aspects of life.

  • Step 1- Regroup –     Work/Life Balance
  • Step 2 -Reconnect – The Power of Emotions
  • Step 3- Recharge –     Attraction Power
  • Step 4 -Succeed –       Shiftology™

This masterclass is a part of the “Unlock the Power In You” Series.

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About Your Trainer and Coach, Terry Wildemann

Terry Wildemann, Founder Intuitive Leadership with SHIFTology
Terry Wildemann

Terry Wildemann is an Intuitive Success Navigator, founder of Intuitive Leadership® and the SHIFTology Process. Her clients call her “The Intuitive Truth Detective!

Terry has been in the professional and personal development training industry for 35 years.  She is a certified executive and co-active coach and holistic practitioner who works with leaders to develop their  “power skills” (instead of soft skills). With  her guidance they transform by harmonizing the spiritual, personal and practical sides of their business, careers and lives.