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Our courses, free challenges, events and services are created with your clients in mind. When they purchase through your partner links, you’ll earn a commission! It’s super easy. You spread the word and we do all the order processing. The more you promote with your link the more checks fill your bank account! We created this affiliate program to provide your with limitless opportunities to attract commissions!

Your audience is ideal for what we offer if:

  • You offer practical services and your entrepreneurial clients are looking for emotional support.
  • You are service based and your entrepreneurial clients are looking for practical business support.
  • They want to improve relationships with clients, co-workers and friends.
  • Compassionate service is important to them and they want to expand how they do it.
  • They are overwhelmed with running their business and life.
  • They are intuitive and want to expand their understanding of their gifts
  • They are “stuck” and spinning their wheels. They can’t move forward
  • Promotion ideas to promote to your community:

    Follow this easy process to begin collecting commissions:

  • Host a live webinar or interview on your podcast. In trade, when I JV for you, I  can host you on my Awaken the Possibilities podcast.
  • It is my pleasure to be a featured guest and speak to your mastermind or large group event.
  • Share one of our FREE lead capture  resources
  • Share one of my articles in your newsletter, ezine or blog.
    • Fill out and submit the Joint Venture/Affiliate signup under EACH product or service below. NOTE: EACH one has a different link thus you must register for each one.
    • Log back in and step into the affiliate Portal that has promotion copy for our campaigns, products and programs.
    • ( Most of the copy will be uploaded the first week in January 2021. )

    Steps to JV Partner With Us

    The goal with JV/Affiliate partnering is to awaken the possibilities in ourselves and our audiences. You have two ways to become a JV/Affiliate with us:

    1. MEETING: Let’s connect and  discuss the opportunities between us. Please click on this link and schedule a time and date to connect. https://terrywildemann.as.me/JV

    2. DIVE RIGHT IN: If you are ready to jump in as an affiliate, click on the button below and sign-up directly under each service or program. Note that each  has a separate affiliate link so you will need to sign up for each one.   If you believe you are a fit for this partnership, and a meeting is not necessary, please register below. 

    NOTE: If you choose to partner for all of the services/products, you must register for EACH one individually by clicking on the  JV/Affiliate link under each button.  Each has it’s own dedicated dashboard specific to that product or service. 

    We Have Five Opportunities to Serve You and Your Audience

    Program and Joint Venture Details Below

    Experience a process to help you…

    • Tune-in to your intuitive gifts to help you get focused and fuel your energy
    • Powerfully fine-tune your senses 
    • Navigate through doubt to listen and trust the answers that come
    • Ask questions in ways that pinpoint answers
    • Kick up your attraction energy to positively influence your product and offer creation to attract your ideal clients. 

    FREE 5 Day Challenge leads to funnel below.

    SALESPAGE: bit.ly/IntuitiveSuperpower

    Experience a process to help you…

    • Meet your Inner CEO and work with them daily
    • Shift into calm, ease and flow
    • Navigate through doubt and listen to the answers that come
    • Ask questions in ways that pinpoint answers
    • Create a profit action plan to help you create the success you seek

    FREE Masterclass leads to funnel below.

    SALESPAGE:  www.ActivateYourInnerCEO.com

    A 12 month program for entrepreneurial leaders wanting to fortify their intuitive leadership and personal development.  Walk the Leader’s Inward Journey at a slower pace to enhance Confidence, Competence, Credibility, Alignment and Integrity


    • Amplify intuition in ALL business areas
    • Gain clarity on your success goals
    • Work with Magnetic Business Attraction to attract sales and profit
    • Increase resilience to stay grounded and focused
    • Make decision-making fun and easy
    • Use words ad language that positively influences your emails, social media and general writing.
    • Learn to manage time, improve decision-making, discover solutions easily, eliminate procrastination, increase resilience and reduce worry, 

    Commission: $300 full payment

    Commission: $25/month for payment plan

    Affiliate payouts in 60 days  after the refund period is closed.



    • One monthly self-study course for 12 months. (12 total)
    • One monthly group coaching on the monthly topic and more
    • Guest presenters
    • Private group for discussion, training, coaching and support
    An interactive 3-day event for the entrepreneurial leader who seeks to up-level themself and their business, expand and enhance their intuitive and spiritual gifts and meet and connect with others on their own Leader’s Inward Journey. The goal, and our promise, is to offer training and coaching during these 3 days to help participants to:

    1.  Build their business and elevate their decision-making and communications skills to create positive results sales, service and leadership.

    2. Connect to their wise inner guidance system to assist them to implement their enhanced skill sets.

    3. Amplify their Confidence, Competence and Credibility.

    This 3 day event includes the following:

    • Personal and Business Development
    • Presentations by the Intuitive Leadership® University SHIFT Maestros on business building, decision-making, communications, values, social media marketing, spiritual direction and mindset.
    • Up-sell to the SHIFTology Mastermind  – $1000 commission
    •  Down-sell to the Shiftology Lab – $300 commission
    • 50% commission on $97 ($48.50) tickets:
    • Recordings – $97 ($48.50)

    Affiliate payouts in 60 days  after the refund period is closed.

    SALESPAGE:  www.SHIFTologyRetreat.com 


    1. Weekly group coaching – topics include business building, communications, sales, social media marketing, spiritual direction, and mindset.
    2. Quarterly multi-day group mastermind coaching with Terry
    3. Monthly one day Q&A mastermind sessions with Terry
    4. Three 1-1 coaching  sessions with Terry. 
    5. DISC Series: Behavioral Report, DISC Training and Personal Debrief. Understand behavior to improves Sales, Relationships, Social Media, Communications, etc.
    6. SHIFTology Lab – 1 self-study program delivered monthly for 12 months and monthly coaching.
    7. Access to all Intuitive Leadership courses
    8. Access to all VIDEO and AUDIO recordings of  meetings, trainings and masterminds
    9. BONUS: Free Access to all SHIFTology Business Retreat Events
    10. BONUS: Social Buzz Club  membership – one year access to market your business
    12 Month membership and support in each of the following programs:

    Commission: $750 for full payment

    Commission: $62.50/month for 12 month payment plan

    Affiliate payouts in 60 days  after the refund period is closed.

    SALESPAGE: www.IntuitiveLeadership.com/SMM

    Check Important Dates

    Rules, Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

    Remember, spamming is NOT allowed. Violators will be removed immediately and commissions will NOT be paid. We are not responsible for inaccurate claims made by affiliate members.  For product purchases, payments will be processed following the 60th day of the order, to account for cancellations or bad payments. For programs/courses, payments will be processed upon completion of the program to account for cancellations or bad payments. No commissions will be paid on cancelled or refunded orders. Commissions will be paid at the beginning of each month.

     NOTE:  Questions?  Send a message to [email protected]