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What is a Wisdom School?

These schools have been a part of history for centuries and have been a source of intellectual, spirituality and metaphysical knowledge throughout the ages. At Intuitive Leadership® University we incorporate the foundation of Wisdom Schools and integrate it with practical business tools and systems that guide Intuitive Leaders towards evolving into unstoppable positive leaders who truly make a difference.

We create our programs to give you foundational components to enhance or start your business. The five sided gold star represents each of the five school areas:

Mindset Wisdom:
Courses to help you shift your mindset to help you care for yourself first so you can lead a resilient happy life doing work that you love as you make a difference.

Business Wisdom:
Business courses and training to help you to set up systems, understand how to truly work with money, sell from the heart, speak and network in a way that draws your ideal client to you and so much more. The “best practices” of how to run your business day to day.

Leadership Wisdom:
Lead so others follow out of respect and your positive influence.  Communicate clearly and with positivity that brings out the best in your teams, co-workers, employees and personal and social relationships.  Clearly understand leadership dynamics  that  influence powerfully.

Our VIP days and weekends, integrative 1-1 programs and group coaching  programs help you to integrate the learning, clear inner emotional baggage that gets in your way of implementing your knowledge and  help you customize  your business in a way that sets you apart. 

The Unlock the Power in You  retreats are multi-day experiences that help you integrate your learning in deep meaningful ways.

Evolve into the leader who grows a successful organization from the inside out.  Create success, wealth and health that allow your business, employees and yourself to serve your clients and community with trust, honor, respect, integrity, loyalty and love of fellow man.

Wise business owners who grow their business from the inside out achieve more with less effort and create a positive workplace culture. They accelerate their business by tapping into their intuition, and encourage their teams, managers and employees to do the same followed by inspired action. They create success by implementing strategies that develop themselves and their people with positive values, trust and respect.

It’s time


The Unicorn logo represents the energy of the Intuitive Leader. 

  • The three stars below stand for Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • The two stars above the half moon represents the masculine and feminine sides of every person.
  • The wings equal freedom and understanding. The winged unicorn can  fly up 30,000 feet up to gain a 360 degree perspective on a situation below them.
  • When grounded and connected with the earth, the winged unicorn can they see what is in front, beside and behind them to add to their understanding and knowledge.
  • All of the above allows the Winged Unicorn leader to make comprehensive and wise decisions that positively influence their people and teams.


  • Ready to do your passionate work and make a difference in the process?
  • Ready to attract more positivity, wealth, health and success?
  • A socially conscious entrepreneur, change agent or visionary who feels something is missing in your work and life and are ready to shift to the next level with like minded colleagues?


  • Stepping into your calling and listening to your intuitive inner guidance that is nudging you to take action.
  • Taking action and making a difference with the clarity, insight and know how to run your business or manage your career on all cylinders.
  • Shedding what is holding you back from your destiny and tapping into what you need to run your business and career with real world training and coaching.


  • Develop resilient, ethically focused and integrated career professionals and entrepreneurs to serve humanity as connected  and tuned-in intuitive leaders and practical business mystics.


  • Attract and train the finest intuitive faculty and staff, who together,  create a world class curriculum of training and education for the modern real world leader and entrepreneur.
  • Ensure all Intuitive Leadership® University students are prepared to provide  leadership and business wisdom to make a positive difference in the workplace, business and social community.
  • Ensure that our curriculum provides positive and coherent solutions that are driven by the needs of society and the business community.
  • Leverage, to the fullest extent possible, joint venture relationships that expand positivity and make a difference on all levels.