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Terry Wildemann

SHIFTologist, Business, Mindset and Leadership Accelerator

Terry Wildemann, Speaker, Author, Trainer


Imagine walking on your “Inward Journey” alone.” Do you feel doubt, fear and wonder if you can create a successful business that is prosperous and makes a difference?

Now, imagine having support and expert guidance to illuminate the path to guide you in navigating the detours that arise. Hidden opportunities reveal themselves in all areas of your business and life as you “Awaken the Possibilities.” 

You CAN SHIFT from imagining to being the successful and prosperous YOU desire.  

Believe, Trust and Embrace Your Intuitive Leadership® Gifts

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The Inward Journey to Success and Prosperity ​for Entrepreneurs A focused pathway forward for the entrepreneur evolving into a Shiftologist


Stage 1


The Entrepreneur is born. Their ideas form and the mission, vision and ideal client are identified and clarified. They identify and implement resources and organizational systems to support sales, customer service, fulfillment to serve employees, co-workers, clients, and themselves.


Experience training, programs, and 5 day challenges on leadership, decision-making, goal setting, communications, and resilience and more. Each program is integrated with practical intuition practices to assist today's leaders and entrepreneurs to elevate and positively transform the workplace. This is the beginning of the Leader's Inward Journey. Self-study courses coming soon


Stage 2

Intuitive Leader

The entrepreneur starts the leader's Inward Journey. The integration of the practical and logical with the emotional, energetic, intuitive and spiritual begins. Amplification of understanding self and others, trust and belief in the interconnectedness between human drivers, frailties, emotions, motivators, values, intuition, and spirituality. Clarity on their heart-centered role in running a successful entrepreneurial enterprise.


1. SHIFTology Lab:  
A year long entry level self-study program with monthly group coaching to begin the Inward Journey towards evolving into an intuitive leader.



Stage 3

Practical Business Mystic

The Intuitive Leader's Inward Journey amplifies as their knowledge and experiences propel then towards the success they seek in service to mankind. They shift and pivot differently, communicate to be heard and understood and to listen to understand. They lead to influence with a clear heart and positivity. They seek guidance from a place of strength and raise their vibrations to engage Universal energies to assist in attracting their desires and resources in service to humanity.


1.  SHIFTology Mastermind.  A 12 month program to evolve into a Practical Business Mystic. Includes the SHIFTology Lab, weekly coaching with one of the SHIFT Maestros, masterminds days with Terry, and much more! 


Stage 4


The Practical Business Mystic rises and elevates themselves, and their business, to serve on a deep and wide scale. They listen and lead with a tuned-in heart, mind and soul. Their leadership, business and life wisdom shifts and amplifies the integration of the practical and logical with the intuitive, emotional and spiritual on a harmonious scale to serve in business and life. The Inward Journey continues.


1. The 12 month Limitless Prosperity Mastermind elevates the Practical Business Mystic into new heights. This program is designed to challenge the student on all levels - practical, logical, intuitive, emotional, spiritual.

SHiftology: The Art and Science of intentional and graceful change

Evolve with Shiftology

and get the following results

Work/Life Harmony RESILIENCE

Lead from a platform of calm, ease and harmony in the Five Pillars of Life: Health, Wealth, Career, Relationships and Spirituality.

Lead with Positivity and Insight LEADERSHIP

Influence with leadership that guides others to use all of their talents to create a culture of positivity, innovation and success.


Listen to hear and understand and communicate to be heard and understood. Positive communication creates the results you actually want. Evolve into the “go to“ person who influences others and expands thought, shifts minds, and opens the door to mutual innovation, dialogue and insight.

Listen to the nudges Intuition

Stop looking outside of yourself for answers and instead, look within. Work with your inner guidance system, Your INNER CEO, to access clarity and connect with your life mission and purposeful living.

Breakthrough and Succeed SELF-SABOTAGE

Shift self- sabotaging blocks. Create personal break-throughs and allow the positive changes to influence your attitude, health, wealth and relationships.

Create Limitless Prosperity FOCUS and CONNECT

Implement Magnetic Attraction and Intuition throughout your business and life. Live your purpose, meet your goals, and create positive inter-personal connections to  attract your ideal clients and relationships.