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The foundation  of  business and leadership wisdom begins here. 
Evolve into an unstoppable intuitive leader and
practical business mystic.

The business wisdom school focuses on helping you to become a brilliant and successful entrepreneur so that you can serve humanity with calm, ease and flow.

Welcome to
Intuitive Leadership University!

Under the University there are three schools:

  • Life Wisdom School
  • Business Wisdom School
  • Leadership Wisdom School

In the Business Wisdom School we help you to create clarity, work with your ideal client and implement systems that help you to succeed.  Ride the bridge to success and truly be who you are meant to be in this lifetime.

Fellow Entrepreneurs – does this sound familiar?

  • You feel destined to have a career helping people in your chosen field.
  • You feel stuck because you don’t know what to do next.
  • You are unclear on your vision, mission and ideal client so you are all over the place trying to “sell” the wrong person.
  • You’re afraid of not enough paying clients to pay the bills.
  • You have fears about putting yourself out there and being really visible.
  • You spent lots of money on your logo, website, business card yet no one is buying.
  • You have fears about making a big mistake and won’t know how to fix it.
  • You are not being paid what you are worth so you are frustrated, and perhaps angry, because you don’t feel valued.
  • Maybe you’re unsure what to charge – is it too much or not enough?
  • Money is always an issue: what to charge, not enough to pay bills, how to manage it to earn more.
  • Fear when talking with a potential client; could you be giving away too much? Maybe you aren’t giving away enough!
  • Fear people won’t want to work with you.
  • Or maybe you are a bit freaked out about networking, meeting the right people and knowing what to say?


And what about technology?!

  • What programs can best help you achieve your goals and streamline your processes?
  • And what if you’re “tech-challenged” … how do you get around that?


And what about doing it all?

  • You’re doing the sales, marketing, delivery, training, planning, decision-making?
  • You have family obligations that pull on you constantly and work/life balance seems like a joke.


There’s a better way….

Starting and growing a business can be intense. You can lose a lot of time, energy, and money while trying to figure it out on your own. And it can be very stressful leading you to burnout. All of the time, effort and energy you put into growing your business can compromise your :

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships

What if there was a way to create a business foundation that allows you live life with calm, ease and flow?
What if you could learn how to do it with seasoned  professionals  who’ve been in your shoes and are now running their own successful businesses?

The Business Wisdom School faculty is well educated and knows from personal experience how challenging it can be to run a business, have a family, and work a bazillion hours leading to exhaustion. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you don’t have the  right tools and systems needed to make it work well.

What if you learned step by step business skills that help you with trusting your intuition, decision making, focus, clarity and more to grow  a successful business? Our faculty are experts and will help you to thrive in your life with great health, a positive mindset and attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

In the BusinessWisdom School we offer courses that set a solid foundation for your business and life. You learn how to control stress and burnout to create harmony in all major life areas:

  • Financial
  • Education
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Recreation/Social
  • Career
  • Family

 Learn how to improve decision-making, trust intuition, communicate positively, work with law of attraction and solid business systems to help you make sales and serve your clients.

 Andy Andrews says in his book The Butterfly Effect – “you have the power to change the world through the work you do.”  The key is to learn how to do it is with calm, ease and flow so it leads to resilient and sustainable wealth and health.

Meet the Business Wisdom School Faculty




Laura Rubenstein




Business and Resilience Accelerator
Sharing leadership, life and business wisdom in my podcast, Awaken The Possibilities. I’m also the owner and founder of Intuitive Leadership® and Intuitive Leadership® University where I teach and coach burned-out, highly stressed, exhausted, foggy thinking entrepreneurial leaders and professionals. They evolve into unstoppable, stress resilient, intuitive leaders and practical business mystics.

My timely work helps clients to improve resilience and workplace culture by integrating and elevating their intuition, self-connection and resilient self-care with practical and intuitive decision-making, goal setting and strategizing techniques. With a renewed and improved mindset, they begin to positively communicate and lead to attract wealth, health and new opportunities.

Terry Wildemann

My leadership and business experience begins with my first business at age 18 followed by owning a manufacturing company, image consulting company, and a leadership and holistic education center.

I have written 2 solo books and co-authored 6 books. My latest best selling book, “The Enchanted Boardroom: Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader” can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

She is not your typical business coach and I hesitate to use the term coach because she is so much more. She is an intuitive leader who knows how to help individuals clear out their personal mind junk because it holds us back in our professional life. In spending one VIP weekend with Terry, I was able to launch my website, create the name of my signature talk and program and remove blocks around money and success. I must say, I’m not your typical client because I had already built a 6 and 7 figure business and sold it. I knew success and I tasted it. I somehow found myself stuck in some muck which Terry helped me get out of and fast. If you’re like me, you know time and energy are money so moving at a fast pace can be necessary. Terry focuses on the tactical, practical and logical while balancing the skills some people would consider “soft” yet contribute to a good portion of our ability to achieve the results we desire. If you’re in the business for a coach/mentor/strategist who can get you moving forward in your business and life because they intersect, you must speak with Terry. I cannot say enough kind words about this woman and the role she’s played in my life. Thank you Terry, you are a blessing!

– Val (Neighbors) Gallagher, SSCS




  • You have been in your business or career for awhile and are stuck. 

  • You are tired, unfocused, exhausted and keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a difference.

  • You’re on a mission to help people but lately it’s been challenging 

  • You want to increase resilience and  get your health back so you thrive as you serve humanity

  • You want the time, energy and focus to do the work that you love! 

  • You are ready to participate in weekly webinars and working on assignments  

  • You’re coachable.  

What’s included in the Business Wisdom School?

In this school we focus on your business, your clients, your systems and much more. We teach you how to look at things differently, ask questions in ways to find solutions that help you and your clients succeed.  

Together, lets kick burnout and negative stress to the curb!

Give yourself the gift of learning how to sell with heart, serve with wisdom and market your business in a that is in alignment with your values and identity.  Attract prosperity doing work you love!

Below is a list of the courses and services we offer. More will be added as they are available.

Social Media Made Easy with Laura Rubenstein

  • Learn how to work with social media efficiently
  • What works and does not work when using social platforms
  • How to market  your business to attract success  
  • Learn about what works and doesn’t in today’s market

The Discovery Process: Decision- Making Made Easy 
with Terry Wildemann

  • Learn how to connect mind and heart using a simple technique to reduce stress caused by indecision.
  • Work with synchronized mind maps to create clarity and focus.
  • Focus on specific issues and attract answers and new ideas.
  • Includes workbook.

The Work/Life Balance Myth; Zap The Stress And Shift The Chaos With Terry Wildemann

Stress leads to burn-out, aches, pains, poor decision-making, lack of focus, disease and more! What if there were simple tools to help you release negative stress and feel better quickly and so you can run your business, career and live life with health, focus and ease?

Terry will be presenting:

    • Does work/life balance really exist?What is the REAL source of your stressors?
    • How to attract more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want, in business, career and life.
    • In-the-moment techniques to easily reduce negative stress
    • How the Emotion Code technique that can lessen stress-induced aches, pains and more

Our courses are created with you in mind.

Dates to be announced

Each course can be purchased separately. 

Stay tuned for packaged programs.

Are you ready to focus, engage and implement with a new mindset that helps you evolve into an unstoppable intuitive leader and practical business mystic??


We are here to help you turn your passion and skills into a sustainable, heart focused, and socially conscious  business.  But, it must first start with taking care of YOU!

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100% Success Guarantee

We believe that our courses will help you to evolve in ways that enable you to transform yourself and your business.  Our faculty members are highly educated and experienced offering you insightful and practical learning for all areas of your life. And we’ll back it up with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If you actively participate in the first 15 days of the course, attend 2 weeks of webinars, do the assignments, and if applicable based on the course that you register for, participate in the Accountability Group, then find this is not meeting your needs, we’ll give you a full refund of your tuition fee minus the cost of materials.  Please contact us via email along with your reason why you want to cancel.  In the email, request a refund within 15 days of the start of the course and we’ll then send your refund of the course tuition. 

– The Intuitive Leadership University Team

Imagine You…

An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader and
Practical Business Mystic

“Everything you do matters.  Every move you make, every action you take….matters.  Not just to you, or your family, or your business or your hometown.  Everything you do matters to ALL OF US FOREVER.” 

– Andy Andrews