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How often have you ignored your wise inner guidance system, those intuitive hits that guide us in a different direction, and lived

10X Conference

The 10x Growth Conference in Miami, Fl hosted by Grant Cardone is the largest conference I’ve ever been to…. 30k folks. The

The day certainly started off with a BANG! On my drive to the venue, my car got hit by a jeep that bounced off a telephone pole into my car after it was hit by an impatient driver. Luckily, the damage to my car was just scraped paint. However, the poor soul in the jeep was overwhelmed and it looked like her car had a broken axel. Thank goodness I was able to help her calm down with exactly what I was teaching in my workshop!

Take caution in putting anyone on a pedestal because we are all human and fail - constantly - and that's how we grow and learn.

I love technology! Today my elderly parents, who live in another state, had a doctor’s appt. Dad agreed to try #Lyft which for him

David Newman

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