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SHIFTOLOGY: The Art of Intentional and Graceful Change.

Stop imagining and make your goals a reality. Evolve into the shining star you are meant to be in this lifetime with this exclusive 12 month self-study program

An Intuitive Leadership® University Program

Confidence... Competence... Credibility

Does This Sound Like You? Ask Yourself...

  • Are you a business owner who is struggling, doing too much and losing your focus?
  • Are you happy with your personal and business relationships?
  • Do the people in your world tell you to slow down?
  • Do aches and pains keep dogging you?
  • Does worry control your life?
  • Are you constantly fighting the clock and late for meetings?
  • Do you struggle with decision-making causing you to become catatonic?
    • Do you keep ignoring the continuous intuitive signs to slow down? You know what I mean. Those intuitive hits that you don’t listen to and regret it afterwards. When you are tired, unfocused, and trying to do it all alone, you ignore you intuition. Usually, it’s because you don’t trust or believe in your own inner power.
    • And speaking of doing it alone… are you tired of being a lone ranger? How often do you say to yourself, “I’m so tired of doing it all by myself. I need help!”

    The Shiftology Lab  can help you shift out of chaos and step into calm, ease, and flow. We focus on helping you help  yourself first so that you can run a successful business.  Imagine running your business on all cylinders with a positive and healthy mind, body and spirit.

    Enhance confidence... competence... credibility...

    Joining the Shiftology Lab helps you to...

    Begin and powerful inward journey of self discovery to help you build and scale your business using all of your gifts and talents.

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    Spirit... Honesty... Intuition... freedom...trust


    SHIFTology Lab Frequently Asked Questions

    What is this program about?

    The Shiftology™️ Lab provides you personal and professional development courses and coaching  to  create a solid personal foundation to grow your business with calm, ease and flow. The result is, you, the a confident, competent and credible entrepreneur who serves their client well and lives life on their terms.

    What is included in this program?

    The Shiftology™️ Lab is a 12 month progam that includes the following:

    • Two monthly groups sessions with Shiftologist Terry Wildemann
    • Monthly self-study courses.
    • Exclusive membership access to the private Shiftology Lab discussion group. 
    • Video and audio recordings of each coaching session
    • Guest expert interviews

    Who is this program for?

    This program is for you if you are: 

    • Open to “Awakening the Possibilities” in Business, Career and Life. 
      You know there are different ways of doing things. You are ready to explore innovative solutions to solve challenges with cutting edge tools. 
    • Wanting to make a difference locally, nationally or globally.
      You have a calling, a feeling, a knowing  that you are meant to use your talents to help others improve their lives, careers and businesses. 
    • Ready to invest in yourself and seek success in all areas of your life. 
      Investing in yourself is key to your success. The more you do that, you improve your wealth, health, relationships, education and spirituality. Dedicating time every month with your mentor, Terry, and peers, using the Shiftology processes will help you grow and expand your business and life. 

    What outcomes can I expect?

    • Clarity and insight on your vision, mission and purpose
    • Solutions to business challenges.
    • Deepening of goal setting and scheduling skills.
    • Action plan creation to achieve those goals.
    • Elevation of your mindset and inner business game
    • Identification of your ideal audience.
    • Communication insights on how to be heard and understood.
    • Networking with group members.
    • Improvement of work/life harmony.
    • Amplification of  Magnetic Business Attraction.
    • Improved relationships with yourself, in your career and life.
    • Clarity and focus that leads to calm, ease and flow.
    • Improved intuition, health and relationships
    • And so much more!

    This program is not for you if...

    • You  are not ready to commit four hours a month to participate. 
      We understand being busy. We all are! If you can’t commit four hours a month to improving yourself substantially, the Shiftology Lab is not for you! 
    • You are set in your ways and not open to innovative and creative Shiftology tools. 
      If you aren’t willing to create new habits, learn new things, be open and flexible to implementing new ideas, this program is not for you. 
    • You are comfortable living with fear, perfectionism, pessimism and judgement.
      This program is not for you if you choose to stay stuck. 
    • You play the “Blame Game”  
      Instead of owning and being responsible for yourself, you prefer to “blame game” for your failure, performance and lack of success.

    What is the Investment?

    Your tuition includes:

    • 12 monthly self-study courses (value $1788)
    • 12 group coaching sessions (value $3500)
    • Continuous Membership support in the private hub (value $6500 )
    • Guest expert interviews
    • Materials (value $500.00)
    • Total Value  = $12,288
    • YOUR PRICE = $1997.00
    • Payment Plan = $167/month

    Shiftology Lab

    About your trainer and coach, Terry Wildemann.

    Terry Wildemann

    I have been an entrepreneur since the age of 18 and truly feel your pain. At 29,  my doctor informed me age 30 would not be in my future if I did not change my work ethic.

    Between my workaholic mentality, and  not listening to my body,  I experienced multiple destructive burnouts. I failed my body, my family, my business and clients.  However, with each failure comes a gift if we choose to accept it. I asked for help and the gift landed at my feet. Various healing modalities found me and I became certified in most of them resulting in healing myself.

    Today, I work with entrepreneurs who, like the me of the past, are running away from who they really are. They ruin their health due to lacking boundaries and pleasing everyone but themselves. They ignore their intuitive gifts, are scattered, and play small so they don’t rock the boat. Their businesses struggle.

    Are you ready to begin the leader’s Inward Journey and grow your business from the inside out? If so, I invite you to join the Shiftology Lab.  The Lab courses, coaching and community help you to shift mindset, run a successful business, and enjoy life.


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