Our SHIFT Maestros answer your questions and offer solutions about business, leadership, communications, relationships, social media, marketing, events planning, mindset and attitudes and more! Experience their wisdom at the SHIFTology Retreat and in our SHIFTology Mastermind 

Terry Wildemann

Shiftologist At Intuitive Leadership®

Business, Mindset and Leadership Accelerator

Expert Terry Wildemann

Founder of Intuitive Leadership® U, and a business owner for over 35 years, Terry guides entrepreneurial leaders in how to grow their business, serve humanity and evolve into Practical Business Mystics. Her experience includes owning an image consulting company, manufacturing company and holistic education and leadership center. She is the podcast host of Awaken the Possiblities

Carol Mettebrink

Relationship and Values Maestro

Carol - September 2020
Expert Carol Mettebrink

Carol is known for transforming communication and awareness among teams and individuals by bringing data to life, drawing from 40 years of honing her coaching, consulting, and analytical skills. Carol is intuitive and is able to ask insightful questions in order to glean critical and complete information, working to improve everything she does. These skills and attention to detail help her reveal human potential not seen by most in every client interaction and training she facilitates.

MarBeth Dunn

Intuitive Energy Management SHIFT Maestro

Expert MarBeth Dunn

MarBeth Dunn is a mindset, success, and energy management specialist and spiritual teacher who uses her intuitive abilities to accurately pinpoint the hidden issues holding you back from your greatest successes.

Laura Rubinstein

Social Media and Marketing SHIFT Maestro

Expert Laura Rubinstein

As a Content Marketing and Social Media Optimization strategist, Laura designs and implements custom innovative relationship based solutions that propel established business owners from unknown to well known experts.

Sherre DeMao

Business Growth SHIFT Maestro

Expert Sherre DeMao

Sherré DeMao specializes in next-level, next-idea solutions for entrepreneurs with a focus on building exponential value while making a significant difference. A nationally acclaimed strategist, author, speaker and impassioned researcher, her next book, The Prosperity Imperative, reveals ground-breaking evidence of how companies can thrive and excel amidst industry, economic, or global disruption.

Lois Koffi

Sales SHIFT Maestro

Expert Lois Koffi

Lois Koffi has coached thousands of people all over the country on health, well being and business success. She was a sales trainer in the real estate industry for 7 years. She also coached athletes in marathons and triathlons She is a published author and Ironman Triathlete and taught a MBA level college course on transformational sales success


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