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Events for Practical Business Mystics Evolve Into An Unstoppable Intuitive Leader

You reach the finish line of a project, proposal, event or relationship, and as always, you get stuck. For some reason, when you get to this point, you just can’t cross that line to earn the success you seek. And it happens over and over and over.

What if you could discover the hidden piece that keeps holding you back and you transform it to your benefit? What if you were able to discover the lesson, the reason, the insight that comes from use it to propel you across the finish line with grace, ease and flow? 



Learn how to ignite your inner magic to open the door to guidance and healing. Topics include visualising, journaling, Magnetic Business Attraction, stress resilience, leadership strategies, decision-making  and more.
Simple, easy, from your comfortable home using your laptop.


Leave this ONLINE retreat revitalized and refocused with action plans and strategies  to guide you after the event.

Includes a follow-up Q & A call to ensure that concepts are clear and used effectively.

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